Have you ever asked yourself what all you have accomplished?  Are you accomplished in anything?  Have you ever done anything that you feel good about? 

These questions are difficult for me to answer.  Often times, I feel like I fail at many things, though I give everything all I have.  Am I too critical?  I have been told that I have the worst self-esteem of anyone.  Would that be my accomplishment?  That I have accomplished a low self-esteem?


Back in the spring of 2008, my son and I visited a butterfly farm and purchased a caterpillar to raise into a Monarch butterfly.  It was an amazing process to witness.  I photographed every stage from the larva eating milkweed, to forming the chrysalis, and finally “her” emergence, which I also video taped.  I definitely felt that I had accomplished something that day.

Having a child and raising him has given me a sense of accomplishment, but it requires much more involvement.  One thing has been for certain, I haven’t been able to just sit and photograph him growing and maturing into a young person…who will later become a man.  Yes, a man!  Someone recently told me that I was raising a man. YIKES! 

Raising the Monarch was much easier and quicker.

Here are the highlights of our Monarch’s metamorphosis.





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7 responses to “Accomplishments

  1. S. Le

    Cool photos.

    The question made me depressed. Thanks! (lol) I think rearing children into good adults is a huge accomplishment! Or at least that’s what I tell myself because they have been my greatest accomplishment and I doubt I could ever top that!

  2. Love the documentary Tammy!

    I think that raising a child from birth to adulthood is a HUGE accomplishment. Instilling in them morals and values, teaching them wrong from right, teaching them valuable things as they mature, etc etc etc is one of the most greatest things one can accomplish if you ask me. Which you did. 😀

  3. What a beautiful transformation. I just shared your photos with my youngest daughter. She was so interested and was talking a mile a minute!

    I’m sure your son’s transformation will be even sweeter.

    • S.Le: Sorry to depress you. I’m happy to be a parent, it’s just raising the Monarch was effortless. I sometimes wish parenting was effortless. I suppose that would make me a negligent parent if it were.

      Gary: Thank you! I agree with you totally. It will be a huge accomplishment.
      However, is a person ever finished with being a parent? Nah…

      Jean: The Monarch was beautiful and I wish I could raise more…or at least buy another caterpillar and do it all over again.

  4. Sharon Davis

    What can I say? We women always poo-poo our own accomplishments. Why? Who knows! You’re not alone.

    I will tell you what you are accomplishing. Your raising a man, you have created a home and living a life. Our society applauds the “accomplished” who abandon a life and family to persue rewards and recognition. I’m not interested in poo-pooing anyones choices here, but I think you can see, if you are honest with yourself that what you are doing really is very important and you should be proud.

  5. I thought I commented on this one.
    I guess I was wrong: I usually am.
    Accomplishments usually take time and may only be seen in hindsight … like yesterday … or 10 years ago.
    Some are quick; some are slow; and some are realized without you knowing.
    You’ll know though eventually.

    I love the future: I’ll have many more accomplishments there.

    • Sharon: Thanks for the comment! I know I beat myself up thinking I need to be more accomplished in something that the world sees and values. It takes me awhile to realize that I have indeed accomplished plenty in my life even if it isn’t recongnized or I don’t always see it.

      planetross: I am in the habit of seeing my accomplishments in hindsight. It takes me 10 years or longer. That would make me slow, I guess. Except in the case of raising a Monarch.

      See the above reply as well. I just realized I said about the same thing.

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