We have fire!

Wednesday night, we finally had our first fire in our fireplace.   In fact, it was the first fire that has ever been made in it.   Our house is 22 years old, and the fireplace had never been used.   I find it hard to believe how someone could live in a house and never use such a nice masonry fireplace.  We had a fireplace in our first home, a wood burning prefab design, and we really enjoyed it.  Our second home did not have one so we built fires outside in a metal firepit.  That was always fun, but usually depended on weather conditions.  I am so glad we finally have a brick wood burning fireplace!  It is something we have always wanted.   I don’t relax on the sofa often, but I did that evening.

We are looking forward to having many more cozy fires.  I cannot wait for the first snowfall.  How nice it will be to sit by a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate after playing in the snow, or to watch Christmas movies while eating popcorn and drinking hot apple cider. What wonderful memories that will be!  We are staying in town for Thanksgiving and I am already looking forward to having pumpkin pie and coffee by the fire after our first Thanksgiving dinner here.

Here  are some photos of our fireplace along with our dog, who still is not walking on his own, but can with some help.  Though, he does a mighty fine crawl across the floor. 

fire 1



 Who can have a fire without s’mores?


 Bodie enjoying the fire.  He had a few graham crackers but no chocolate.



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6 responses to “We have fire!

  1. sandysays1

    Gosh, I envy you. We have a fireplace, but since we live in South Florida its only use is an electrical log that’s supposed to look like its burning. That’s like saying Phyllis Diller looks like Nicole Kiddman. Sandy

  2. S. Le

    Really lovely. We just got a fireplace insert so we can enjoy a nice fire without losing all the heat out of our home. It’s fab. S’mores sound lovely as well but *sigh* I don’t have the makings.

  3. “What wonderful memories that will be!”

    Are you allowed to picture memories in advance?
    I’ve never done that before! … but I’ve thought about what a great trip I will have before I go … but no specifics though.

    I used to lie on a rug in front of my mother’s fireplace, but I’ve never lived in another house that has had one.
    Most houses in Japan don’t have one sadly.

    • Sandy: Thanks for stopping by. That’s too bad about your fireplace, but I’m sure the electrical log is nice to look at…wearing your shorts and t-shirts. 😉

      S. Le: Having an insert is smart. Now it needs to get cold again (warm snap today).
      You need s’mores. Add chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows to your list.

      planetross: Memories in advance…would they be called “expectations”? It’s when you think of exactly how you want events to transpire. I don’t have many expectations in events…just people (sadly).

      No fireplaces in Japan? I wonder if they are taboo. Kind of like Koreans and fans. hee hee!

  4. Ok, so now I am totally jealous! I have always wanted a woodburning fireplace like yours. That’s SOOOO AWESOME!

    Enjoy your fireplace and I sure hope Bodie returns to his normal self soon! Poor little guy! 😦

    • Gary: The fireplace is very nice and we are enjoying it…the two times we’ve had a fire. It just doesn’t get that cold here. I’m sorry that you don’t have one. 😦

      Bodie is getting better, thanx!

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