In the year 5028…

will there still be corn mazes? 


I am thinking it is unlikely.  What will the world be like in the year 5028?  Here is the beginning of the new sci-fi mini-book that my son is writing.

In the year, 5028 there began a war. The war began as a mystery and no one really knew how.  It takes place when a deadly Empire comes to invade the Milky Way Galaxy.

When reading this sentence, my son said, “In the year five thousand twenty- eight”, and I said the same.  My husband, on the other hand, said, “In the year fifty twenty- eight.”  He constantly refers to the 2000 years in this manner by saying “twenty” and whatever follows.  He says twenty- o- nine for our current year, and  I say two thousand nine.  Should we say “twenty” and the year that follows?  We have always said and heard the years using the teens… fifteen hundred, sixteen hundred, seventeen hundred and so on.

How do you say the year?  Do you say twenty-o- nine or do you say two thousand nine? 

Does it even matter?



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4 responses to “In the year 5028…

  1. I always said “nineteen eighty something or ninety something” but I say “two thousand and nine” now.
    I think when it hits 2011 I’ll say twenty eleven though.

    I think 2020 should be the year of the eye test.

  2. I say two thousand nine but I’m a dumbass so that could be the wrong way? *shrugs*

    • planetross: I think at some point, I too will start saying twenty something. Remember the movie 2010? People called it two thousand and ten.

      Gary: If you are a dumbass, then you are not alone. 🙂
      I don’t know what the right way is either.

  3. S. Le

    I tend to say “two thousand nine.” Next year? Perhaps “Twenty-ten.” We’ll see when it gets here.

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