Happy Halloween!


My son made napkin ghosts and hung them everywhere.


He drew faces on all of them.


 He carved out the eyes and nose and his dad helped with the mouth.


His jack-o-lantern was inspired by one of the faces he drew.

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!



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9 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. The napkin ghosts and jack-o-lantern look great! Nice job on those. We had a fun and safe Halloween and hope you did as well.

    P.S. I’m stalking….errr….following you on Twitter now. LOL

  2. S. Le

    You may want to call Ghost Busters!

    V nice Vampire pumpkin! What do THEY eat? Do they turn into pies during the day?

    • Gary: Thanks for the comments. Glad you had nice evening out with your matey pirate.

      Purple Hatter: Thanks for stopping by and for the festive video.

      S. Le: Haha! Good one.

      The Vampire pumpkin will likely dry out on our porch.

  3. Those ghosts are so cool! You may need an exorcism. That is a great looking pumpkin too!

  4. The napkin ghosts look like the “tera tera bozu” that children in Japan make and hang up to make the rain go away.

    • Jean: Thanks for the comments. Exorcism? Yikes! Glad Halloween is over.

      planetross: I think “tera tera bozu” works the opposite here in the U.S. because it rained the entire day after we hung them.

  5. Tasneem R

    Hi Tammy ! the napkin ghosts looks like innocent cute ghosts!

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