Music I like

For the record, I do have a life other than dealing with on going home repairs.  A few weeks ago, I went to see someone play at a local club.  His name is Mitch Easter and he had a band many years ago called Let’s Active.  I have always liked Let’s Active…I should say loved Let’s Active.  I grew up listening to them and now Mitch plays cover songs from his old band as well as material from his 2007 solo release, “Dynamico”. 

It was a great show, and I took several photos from his performance. Here’s one of them.


I use to go to a lot of concerts back in the day.  The last band I saw was Dinosaur Jr. back in 1994.  I suppose married life and being a mom has settled me down quite a bit.

Now, I want to see another band perform, but the closest they will come to me is Athens, Georgia.  They are called Camera Obscura and they are from Scotland.  Athens is about a 5 hour drive from me, a little closer than Scotland, but still a bit far to drive there and back in one evening, I think.  Maybe they will pick up a venue in North Carolina. 

I like their song “French Navy”.  I heard it in Lowe’s (of all places) during one of my many trips there.

It has been a dreary rainy day here and I have found myself wishful thinking.   

How far have you driven to see a performer or a concert?



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8 responses to “Music I like

  1. I have never heard of Let’s Active or Camera Obscura but I watched both videos and enjoyed both of them. Thanks for sharing Tammy. 😀

    I have never driven too far to catch a concert. We are pretty lucky and have a lot of bands come right here where I live. The farthest I have ever driven for a concert is an hour away.

  2. What a cool song and video! I’m loving the beards & moustaches. My hubby has both. How did you know what the song was in Lowe’s? Hmmmm… it’s been a while since I’ve gone to a concert. Let me think. Might have been the Adam and the Ants concert in the 80’s. I traveled a few hours, but my best friend drove in from Reno, NV. The concert was somewhere in northern California.

    • Gary: Glad you enjoyed the videos. I have a lot of experience with liking bands that people haven’t heard of. 🙂

      Jean: Hey, I just saw your hubby’s pic in your new post.

      The song was already one of my faves and so I recognized it in Lowe’s. I also heard The Sundays there. Weird. 20 years ago, I would have never heard bands like that being piped in at a chain store.

      Adam and the Ants! Wow! Lucky you!

    • Don’t drink don’t smoke…what do ya do? Don’t drink don’t smoke….what do ya do?

      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. My last concert was the Beach Boys and before that was Metallica!

      • LOL Gary!
        Hey, look at you rockin’ the facial hair too! I mean like my hubby, not like me. Whew – that was uncomfortable!
        I saw the Beach Boys too! Metallica — I don’t know any words. Guess I’ll just sing a little, “Good, good, good, good vibrations.”

  3. I’ve been reading good things about Camera Obscura…thanks for the video. They’re really good. The woman’s voice is spot-on!!!
    As for The Sundays…I had Blind which I bought just for “Wild Horses”; I’m a sucker for a sad chick with a beautiful voice!

    I drove 900 miles to Highgate, Vermont to see Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead in 1995.

  4. Chad: You were serious! Going to GA would be nothing for you.

    Tracyanne’s voice is incredible, even live. I usually don’t go for many female singers.

    I saw The Sundays back in ’91 at the Rialto in Raleigh and I have to say they put on a great performance.
    Thanks for the video link.

  5. I’d drive 5 hours to go to a concert … I’ve never done it, but I would.
    I like driving.

    The last concert I saw was UB40 in Argentina … I didn’t drive there though.

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