Updates and a purchase

We are approaching one full month of living in our new home and the project box is almost empty.  After moving in, we bought so many things that we needed to repair or replace and we put everything in one big box.  The only problem was that there were not enough hours in a day or week to do many of them.  There is still a list of 20 items or more of various things to do.  We can live in our home comfortably, but in the meantime, we will have to tolerate things like doors that stick and gutters full of leaves. 

I don’t quite feel settled in yet.  That feeling comes on and lasts about 20 minutes, but then it is forgotten.  I do not know when I will feel like this is home.  I think I am just overwhelmed with our dog, Bodie, and caring for him.  He has stopped taking his antibiotics and pain medicine.  Mainly because he hates taking it.  We first gave his medicine to him in his food, then he stopped eating his food.  Next, we opened his mouth to put the pills down his throat then gave him a treat for taking it.  He then would growl and nip at our hands when we tried to give him his pills and he wouldn’t take a treat from us.  It is probably because he associated the treats with the pills.  I am sure he feels crummy and that is another reason why he isn’t eating.  He has lost some weight through this whole ordeal.  This concerns me, but the flip side to this is that he is a little lighter to carry when I take him outside.   Tonight, Bodie ate our leftover salmon without hesitating so I plan to buy a few cans of salmon tomorrow for him to eat.

Here is Bodie outside.  He pulls himself along with his front legs and slowly tries to use his back good leg (which is underneath him).  He can go fairly far across the yard, but it wears him out.



Bodie with his broken left leg. 

My husband and I made a special purchase, a piece of art work.  It is a watercolor painted by an old college friend of mine.  He has an exhibit going on through October and when I saw this painting there, I knew I had to have it.  This painting has some significance and meaning to me and I told my friend that I could not bear the thought of anyone else owning it.  Back in the spring, my friend came over for dinner and he brought with him three avocados for me to use for guacamole.  Before I made the guacamole, he sliced them and carried them out to our sidewalk and took several photographs.  He then spent the next few months creating the painting “Avocados.”

It is very nice having this piece of art in our new home.  It is a little bit of the old home in with our new home. 


Avocados” by Robert Stanfield


“Avocados” in our dining room.



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7 responses to “Updates and a purchase

  1. I know I have stuff to do when I make a list … I usually hold out until I have 10 things and then have a little industrious revolution until everything is done.

    I hope Bodie gets better soon. Where did the name Bodie come from?

    I take pictures of things I eat sometimes, but they never smile when I ask them.
    Why are there only 3 pits in those avacados?

    A very nice painting 🙂

    • planetross: I named our dog after the Bodie Island Lighthouse in NC. The locals there pronouce it with a short o sound as in “body”, but I’ve heard it pronouced with a long o so that is what I chose.

      There are only 3 pits because there are 3 avocados, 1 pit per avocado. Was that a trick question? LOL

      I’ll pass your compliment on to Rob. Thanks!

  2. Bodie is so beautiful. Sweet little beagle.

    Oh gosh, your friend is very talented! The avocado painting is stunning!

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I will add you to my blogroll. 🙂

  3. Jean: Bodie’s a sweet dog, basically our first “child”.

    Yes, Rob is very talented!

    Thanks for stopping by and I’ve added you to my blogroll too.

  4. I hope Bodie starts feeling better soon. Poor little guy! What if you stuck the pill inside the treat? Just a thought.

    I really like that painting by your friend. VERY nice indeed. Would look great in my kitchen. 😀

  5. S. Le

    Lovely painting.

    Hope Bodie heals quickly.

    • Gary: I would wrap his pill inside deli meat, but he figured out what was in there and then he stopped eating the deli meat. He is doing a bit better.

      S. Le: Thanks for the compliment and the well wishes!

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