Guano, a beagle, and more house woes

*Warning: This post contains gross content*

Yes, that is the word guano in the title of this post.  As in bat excrement…as in what is in our attic!  Now, you might be asking, how do I know about the guano in the attic?  What seemed to only be a simple DIY project of replacing a light fixture, turned into 4 hours of laborious work in a cramped area in the attic that only I could fit in.  My husband guided me along the way with everything as he couldn’t crouch down to fit in the small area.  I replaced the bathroom light/ fan unit!  Hey, at least now I know how to wire a bathroom light.  Once I was in the attic to remove the old unit, I saw that it was never attached to the ductwork leading to the vent outside.  When I located the old ductwork laying under the insulation, it had multiple tears and holes and was full of insulation and nut hulls.  Squirrels?  I then had to go out to buy new ductwork to install. 

I will not take a picture of the guano, but if you are curious you can view this photo.  Thank goodness our attic doesn’t look near as bad.  Here are photos of the old bathroom light/fan unit. 


The light/fan unit covered in stucco spray.


A close up of the motor which appears to be a fire hazard.

Back to the guano. While I was in the attic, I checked out the vent on the side of the house at the gable to make sure it was intact before I went to Lowe’s.  I didn’t want to buy ductwork and then come back to find that the vent needed replacing as well.  It all looked fine, but then I smelled something and I shined my light over to what appeared to be black pellets on the insulation in an area of about 2 feet by 4 feet.  Somehow the inspector missed seeing this in the corner of the attic.  After talking with my husband and remembering the bats that were removed from the attic, we realized it was guano.  Fortunately, I had the receipt from the pest control company in our closing documents, and I called to inquire about the bat exclusion from back in August.  I was told that the agent representing the shyster investors said they only wanted to pay for the bats to be removed, not for the removal of guano, insulation or to replace the screen over the gable.  How disgusting!  Now it is out of our pocket to get all of this removed and repaired.  

On top of all the house repairs we are coming across from a negligent previous owner and shyster investors who wanted to cut costs, our dog was hit and suffered a broken leg, displaced hip, and pelvic fractures.  Last Saturday morning, I was on my way to an amusement park with my son.  It was raining and I was reluctant to continue the trip.  I changed my mind about going, and I called my husband to tell him we were going to come back home.  My husband had been out that morning already.  Then, I got a call from him saying he had hit our dog, Bodie, when he pulled in the driveway.  Bodie just came out of nowhere and went under his back truck wheel.  He rushed Bodie to the Vet and he remained there over the weekend.  His surgery was Monday, and I picked him up today.  He will have a couple of months of recovery.  We will have to carrying him until he can learn to use his back good leg to walk on.  He is in a lot of pain, but is still his sweet old self until I try to move him or he takes his Tramadol.  Then he growls at me. 😦

We are praying our money pit woes will soon come to an end and that our dog will heal quickly. Picking up a growling 30 pound beagle (even with a muzzle on) really stinks.

Here are some photos of Bodie after I brought him home.


On a pad of an old towel, rug, trash bag and carpet remnant in our breakfast room.


The surgical sight. 


Eating one of his favorite treats, popcorn.




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5 responses to “Guano, a beagle, and more house woes

  1. S. Le

    Poor puppy!!

    I. HATE. BATS!!!!! Move out and burn the house now whilst you still have a chance!! *runs away shrieking*

    (congrats on the electrical work. You are the woman!)

  2. Bats are NASTY little things! Sorry to hear you have a lot of their poop left around in your house. Is this something you can clean up yourself or are you paying someone else to have all the fun??

    Awwwwwwww, poor doggie! The accident could have been even worse but I’m sorry to hear this happened. I’ll keep my fingers and eyes crossed for a quick recovery!! 😀

    • S.Le: I wish I could run away, but it’s too late to turn back now. We are in this for the long haul. Thanks for the congrats. I’ve done more DIY stuff than I care to recall.

      Gary: We could clean it up, but we are getting a professional to do it. Yuck!
      Our poor dog had a set back today. I hope he is on the mend soon. Thanks for the well wishes!

  3. Sorry to hear about your dog and the surprise house woes.

    Sometimes life goes one way and sometimes it goes the other: you never know.

    I think I’m quoting “True Romance” or something.

  4. planetross: Thanks for the comment. Funny thing, we expected the house woes, but the dog accident was the surprise.

    I hardly remember “True Romance”. Wow, that was a long time ago…16 years I think.

    I like to quote from “Raising Arizona”, but it only works when I tell my husband to do something and I say, “You gotta do that Hi.”

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