Our new home


There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I have been busy with anything involving this new house since the last weekend of September.  One week later, I have unpacked about 70% of our belongings, but we are not completely settled in.  BUT we are getting there.  Unfortunatley, we have discovered we have bought into a money pit.  We knew there would be some repairs and things to replace, but the list keeps getting longer and longer with more work than we have time to do.  I’ve made countless trips to Lowe’s Home Improvement for things like receptacles, deadbolt locks, parts for toilets and dripping faucets, dryer vent parts, garage door parts, and many other things.  Our next big obstacle is getting all the duct work replaced.  These are things for just the inside on the main living area.  Our basement is a disaster with everything piled in one big heap in the center.  Then, there is the outside that we haven’t even approached.  I guess it will all get done in time, but I wanted it done yesterday!

Moving day was hectic, but I was able to take a picture of the truck.


Despite all of the repairs and problems, this is a wonderful house. It is my dream home, and I can’t believe I am living here. I have always adored a cape cod style home.  My son wanted a second story so he could go upstairs to his room, my husband wanted a basement for his workshop, and I wanted a front formal room so I could turn it into an art studio. We all three were blessed!

Here are some other things this home has that I really like. 


A very mature river birch and dogwood in the front yard.


A gigantic poplar tree (my favorite tree)  in the backyard.


A wood burning fireplace.


Vinyl flooring in the kitchen and breakfast area that looks like stone tile.  I actually like it better than if it were real stone.


A staircase.


A wooded backyard, thought it doesn’t compare to our old backyard.


Pathetic rock hounds are we!  Our rocks from the other house.




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6 responses to “Our new home

  1. What a beautiful home you have Tammy! Your family will make many memories here. Keep plugging away on everything and before you know it, you will FINALLY be done. *sigh*

    Glad you posted photos of the new house and it looks awesome! LOVE that fireplace!

  2. Tammy – I like the house! We did a show on assessing if your house is a money pit and we reviewed some movies about disaster houses. Check out the two shows

    As for your duct work – Its VERY unusual to need to replace duct work. Feel free to drop me a line, or call (contact info on site) about why you think you need to replace ducts. Maybe you don’t and can save some money.

    Also, if you have any other questions about your house feel free to ask as well. Our advice is always free. Dont forget to subscribe while at our site and add to your blogroll if you are so inclined.

    Again, nice house!

  3. I’m glad you are enjoying the new house … even with the extra expenses.

    1. Immature river birch bother me.

    2. you have an upstairs and a downstairs … as long as you’re on the middle floor.

    3. The rocks look like they are adapting well.

    4. I don’t have any air ducts in the place I’m living: I don’t know where the air comes from … possible cracks under the doors and open windows.

    5. Very cool.

    6. I thought I’d have to move to Cape Cod someday, but now I have been enlightened … and not with a flashlight!

    7. Enjoy.

  4. S. Le

    Lovely! Congrats! Love planetross’s 3rd comment. The staircase is very pretty! Ours is weird 70s. For our kitchen project I am actually looking at flooring like that in your photo.

    • Gary: I’m looking forward to the memories we will make here. This is the home we are planning to stay in.
      The projects are endless (it seems) and I am plugging away! *ugh*

      The Handyguys: Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment! I will check out your site for information about our ductwork issues.

      planetross: Thanks for your list of comments!
      I wish I could adapt as well as the rocks. They just sit there and do nothing…must be nice.
      That’s strange that you don’t have any air ducts. Air is all around you so I’m sure it’s getting in somehow.

      S. Le: I really like this “stone” vinyl flooring, but I don’t know where it came from. It isn’t slick/vinyl feeling, but has a slight rough texture and feels solid when you walk on it. I hope find something similar for your kitchen.

    • S. Le

      I have seen it at Lowes.

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