Moving update

We moved in the rain on Saturday, not a pouring down rain, but a slow, steady rain.  It was the kind of rain everyone prays for during a drought.  Six people helped us move 99 percent of everything that was in the basement into one box truck and two pick up trucks with utility trailers covered with tarps (and made multiple trips).  Everything is now in one big heap in the 2 car garage basement of the other house.   The other house is a 22-year-old cape cod style, solidly built, in a good neighborhood, and is within walking distance to a nice park and our library.  It is the typical flipped home, purchased by investors who did some cosmetic changes such as new paint, floors, doors, some hardware and some appliances.  There are still many repairs that need to be done, but we are hoping to do it all little by little.  A bizarre thing is that I am familiar with the family who once lived there. 
It is hard for me too look at pictures of our current home knowing we will be leaving.  We have enjoyed it so much!  Some have asked why we are moving since we love it so much.  This house has 1,100 sq. ft. of living space and it began to feel cramped five years ago.  Our new house has 1,600 sq. ft. of living space with two stories.   Here are some photos of our current home and the surroundings. 






  a view of the cliff behind our old home




I have not taken any photos of the new house.  The lot is smaller and has mature trees surrounding the house.  It seems somewhat peaceful to look at, and I am not sure what wildlife lurks around.  I cannot explain why we require a relaxing, wooded, and natural backyard, but we think it is important.  We hope to adapt to everything at our new place, but we will miss our current home tremendously.

Monday will be our last full day here. Even though it is a sad time, we are all ready to move on. We already love the new house.  We plan to stay there and look forward to getting attached to the little wilderness it has and making it all our own.  Photos of the new home will be posted soon. 


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3 responses to “Moving update

  1. Liking something better isn’t important: liking something differently is the main thing.

    I don’t know where that came from!

    A convertible tree fort! … with a mailbox for small round letters! No Way!
    Would the new owners be interested in subdividing that bit of the property?

  2. Sounds like the moving is moving right along. It is difficult to move from one home to another. My wife and I purchased the home we are in now because we just outgrew our last house. Evene though we needed a bigger house and this house is just a little nicer, it was still hard to leave the old one. We made a lot of memories in that house. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the NEW house!

    • Gary: Yeah, it’s been difficult unpacking and adjusting. We moved from our old house for the same reason as you. We made a lot of memories too. I’m very sentimental. I’ll get some new photos posted soon, I hope.

      planetross: I normally like things that are different, but this is different.
      Regarding the mailbox for small round letters…we never got any mail there.

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