My Blogoversary

Happy blogoversary to the tesserae!  It has been one whole year and much has happened since September 2008.  Never would I have thought we would be packing to move a year ago.  My house is full of boxes and I am completely overwhelmed with packing.  It seems to never stop!  I pack, pack and pack and there are still more things to pack.  We just have too much stuff!

Although I came back to blog, I haven’t had any free time to post anything. 😦  My days have been filled with homeschooling, packing, going to this place and that, signing dozens of papers, printing dozens of papers, making dozens of phone calls, and MORE PACKING.  I do try to sleep and eat.  Carrying on with everyday life is a challenge.  I don’t remember it being like this 10 years ago when we moved into this house. 

I haven’t had time to take a photo of my packing ordeal, but I doubt we will look like this couple on our moving day.

Photo from here.

Instead, I think I will buy this t-shirt and wear it from now until moving day.


We should be in our new place the end of the month, and I hope it doesn’t take as long to unpack and settle as it did to prepare to move.  I will try to post an update of our transition out of the old house and into the new one.  I have no choice but to go on another hiatus until I can return for good. 

Whenever that will be.



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5 responses to “My Blogoversary

  1. S. Le

    Happy Bloggerversary love!

    Sorry to hear you are so stressed. Moving can be quite stressful. I’ve moved house over a dozen times in my life so far. It’s a good time to down-size a bit. Trouble is, after you move, you buy more stuff and start over again. It has to be doubly hard for you since you home school. At least your son won’t have to deal with new teachers and a new school.

    Take a deep breath and one day at a time. Don’t stay away from blogging for too long. We’ll miss you! Maybe you could just micro blog like Twitter or just post teeny post here just so we know you’re still all right!


    Best of luck with all the packing, unpacking and settling into your new house. Moving DOES suck! LOL

  3. Happy One Year Festivitivities!

    Has it been one year already? I remember when you started! I do! Are you calling me a liar? … well it wouldn’t be the first time.

    Have a happy move … or a moving experience … or something along those lines, but with no lines.

    • Thanks for all the blogoversary wishes!

      S. Le: I have donated and given away tons of things and I can’t believe we still have so much stuff that we think is “necessary”. You made a good point with my son not having a new teacher and new school. Though, the teacher is being very slack these days. I should have a talk with her. LOL
      I will try to update my tweets if I can’t blog.

      Gary: Yes, moving sucks, but packing sucks MORE! LOL
      Btw, nice mohawk. 😉

      planetross: Oh, where to begin? Thanks for all your comments even though you were often times the only one. You must have just felt sorry for me.
      You are not a liar, but you could be wrong because you usually are. hee hee!
      Moving will definitely be an experience and hopefully our last.

      Teena in Toronto Thanks for stopping by!

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