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Ok, I already came back…twice.  When the blogging fever hits, there is no stopping it.  I just had to post the one about Jimmy Fallon cooking chili with Martha Stewart.  Then, my Homeschooling Q&A post was a bit unusual for me.  I don’t normally vent on my blog, but I thought it could serve to help some other frustrated homeschooling mom in bloggersville.  

A brief update…our house is under contract and we have a contract on the house we want.  For some reason, we could only find one house we liked out of hundreds to choose from in four different counties.  The sellers of our “new” house are being rather unethical, but that is another story.  In return, we are being extra nice to our buyer.  We are thinking of leaving our gigantic TV  if he wants it.  Two reasons, one – it is too heavy to move.  It was taken apart into three pieces just to move it here. Reason two – it uses a lot of energy.  Husband wants an LCD TV in it’s place at the new home, but they use even more energy!  Regardless, it is too big for our den in the other house.  We are also leaving our buyer our refrigerator

If all goes as planned, we will move the end of the month.  Meanwhile, I am packing, homeschooling, getting rid of unwanted items, and using my fax machine a little more than usual.  Funny how so much in the loan process can get accomplished through emails, telephone and faxes.  I haven’t even set foot in our loan officer’s office.  This is not the home buying experience from 10 years ago.

Here are some things I did during my so called break from blogging.

Went hiking.IMG_4905

Watched son climb a tree.IMG_4909

Had another encounter with a squirrel.IMG_4925

Played mini-golf.


Made a U.S. history display for son’s first day of school.




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4 responses to “Back to blogging

  1. S. Le

    Your alternate activities look much more fun than blogging! Oh! Did I actually type that? I mean, they are excellent things to blog about!

  2. Glad to see you back Tammy! Looks like you had some fun on your blogging break. Glad to hear that. Sounds like the home buying is going good!

    I do have one suggestion though. If that T.V. is too hard to move, please don’t leave it at your current home. Hire someone to take it apart for you and ship it to me. This T.V. of yours sounds AWESOME! LOL

  3. So what’s your handicap?

    I’m was a pretty mean mini-golfer … when I was shorter.

    I don’t know about the U.S., but kids in Canada go back to school on the Tuesday after Labor Day: this is the once in a lifetime year! It’s the longest summer holiday possible!!

    Usually watching kids climb trees is a Fall activity for me. hee hee!

    • S. Le: Those were fun activities. There were other activities, but I don’t have any photos to show.

      Gary: Thanks for the comment! I’m sorry to say you are out of luck on the TV because our buyer said he’d like for us to leave it here. Otherwise, you would have received a hefty C.O.D. bill. LOL

      planetross: I have many handicaps, but I can usually get the ball in in two strokes.

      In the U.S., kids start back at different times depending on the school district and state. Some start the Tuesday after Labor Day (Canada has a Labor Day?), but most in my area started the last week of August. Some schools in Virginia started the middle of August!

      Regarding tree climbing, I think I’m raising a dare devil.

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