Nearing the end

…of summer that is.

Here are a few images from my outings…just because there isn’t much else to say.

Fountain photos are from Center City Park  in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina.





Art photos are from the Green Hill Center for NC Art, Greensboro, North Carolina.





Summer is winding down and I am gearing up for another home schooling year.  I will be taking a break from blogging for the rest of the month, not that I blogged often, but blogging is something I want to put off for a while.   I hope to return in September with a new outlook.   The new blog is something I am still considering, but I would rather write it in as few posts as possible rather than devote and entire blog to it.  At this time, I am just not ready to “compose” it.

In the meantime, I will still read other blogs and comment.  Also, please check out my older posts and comment if you would like.  I will reply, of course.  

September will be here before you know it!



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4 responses to “Nearing the end

  1. There’s nothing like a good fountain and a bit of art. I guess fountains are art too, but it’s just watered down a bit.
    Have a good rest of summer and see you September!

  2. S. Le

    Hope you have a good break. Seems many others are breaking as well so you are amongst good company.

    The new blog sounds brilliant.

    See you soon! Come visit me at mine.

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