Welcome to my fridge

Somewhere in the blogosphere, there began a fridge challenge.  A challenge of condiments or whatever else people collect in their refrigerator.  There are things in refrigerators I am certain we don’t want to know about.  My fridge is relatively safe, though not stocked by any means.  I can say that I might be the queen of leftovers.  I just cannot through anything away if I can reuse it or put it in a new recipe.


The front: A dry erase calendar, photos of my son fishing and of my newborn niece, magnets from China and South Korea, and emergency phone numbers. Real and silk plants on the top with some pottery I made and some I bought.  The cross is from Kendra that she gave me many years ago.  Thanks Kenj!


The freezer: meats, a pie,  tubes of ground turkey, salsa, Tuscan bean soup there on the right (yum), and turkey broth frozen from Thanksgiving because I didn’t want to throw it away.


The freezer door: *Boring* strawberries, 1 hash brown, 1 chicken patty, and corn. Not sure what is in the foil.  Probably something uneaten that I didn’t want to throw away.  


The fridge: Lots of salsa (hot and mild), leftovers in the rectangular containers on the top shelf, and fresh veggies in the bottom drawers.


The fridge door: condiments, eggs, bottles of water (recycled bottles, of course).  I’m not afraid of bacteria.


Lastly, bread that got old before we could eat it all.  When it starts to get some age, I throw it in the back of the fridge on a shelf and save it for the fish, turtles, and geese that live in a pond at a nearby park.  Even the wildlife get my leftovers. HA!  I don’t throw anything away.



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6 responses to “Welcome to my fridge

  1. S. Le

    Gosh! That’s just way too neat. I’ll bring some of my stuff over, ‘K?

  2. kendra

    hey- i still have the purple cross you painted for me in my kitchen too!!! your fridge is way too neat- come and clean mine please!

    • S. Le: Hmmm…my neatness seems to be more of a flaw rather than a compliment.
      I will take some of your stuff. How about the coffee and ice cream? 🙂

      Kendra: Wow! You still have that cross? That was a looong time ago.
      You know I’ll come and clean your fridge. 😉

      • S. Le

        You can have the ice cream but there’s no bloody way you’re getting my coffee! Buy your own!

  3. I’d forgotten about those styrofoam egg cartons; all eggs over here come in clear plastic packs of 10 because of the metric system.
    It’s funny that beer still comes in 6 packs or 24 though … I guess 5 beer would require a new packaging design or something.

    • S. Le: I see you are protective over your java…

      planetross: I see eggs sold in the clear plastic packs here, but they are still a dozen.
      You can’t evenly split a 6 pack of beer between two people. Someone would get cheated with only 5 in a pack.

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