A photo recap

I thought I would post some photos to recap my week. 

1. Took a photo of Gary snoozing.

Gary sleeping

2.  Caught “Sandy Cheeks” sneaking a drink from the birdbath, but just missed it with the camera.evil squirrel

3.  Made fresh salsa from the tomatoes my dad brought me.


4. Blackberries are in season and I usually pick some when I’m out on my walks.


5. I thought I was getting a rare find, this cassette of U2’s October their second album.  I couldn’t wait to get in the van and listen to Gloria (my van has a cassette player).  To my astonishment, the wrong cassette was inside!  NRBQ?  I have never heard of them.  It is my fault and I should have looked before buying it, but I was too excited.  I don’t even want to play it and find out what they sound like. 





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6 responses to “A photo recap

  1. S. Le

    Nice post.

    Today I made a blackberry/raspberry pie and blackberry jam. The raspberries were wild and hand picked but the blackberries were purchased on sale.

    I’ve been making a lot of fresh salsa as of late myself. So tasty, innit?

    Gary looks so innocent. Bet he isn’t though!

  2. S. Le: I love blackberry jam! I’ve never had wild raspberries.

    Yes, the salsa is tasty. I’m onto making the next batch.

    Gary is quiet and easy going, but likes to assert his male dominance on poor Polly.

  3. Bummer about the U2 tape.
    I had that one at one time. I can’t remember any songs off of it except Gloria.
    I played the “Boy” album to death though.

  4. Too bad about the cassette, Gary looks cute as does the squirrel. The salsa & blackberries look extremely good

  5. Tony: Thanks for the comments. Bad luck on that cassette, I know. Oh well…

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