A new blog?

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I am thinking of starting a new blog.  Thinking,  that is.  I am not sure if I can actually do it, but I have some ideas and if nothing else, good intentions. 

I came in here to type out my thoughts rather than write them, but should have just done it  “old school” at the table with pen and paper.  The noise of a panicky, cooing dove who wants out of his cage and battle sounds from Ian’s computer game of Star Wars Empires at War are both very distracting.  Not to mention Ian telling me the play by play of what is going on with his battle just as soon as I sat down behind him.  We have two computers now.  The game computer is back from being repaired. 

I was finishing breakfast, drinking coffee and making myself read.  Yes, making myself read.  I am trying to stay on track with reading Julia Child’s book My Life in France, and it is all I can do to stay focused.  It is very interesting, I just hate to sit in one place.  That seems to be what is necessary when one reads.  Don’t even suggest audio books because I’ve already been there.  Before I opened My Life in France, I wanted to take a look at the newest book I got from the library, Julie and Julia, by Julie Powell.  I read the first chapter in one sitting.  Unheard of.

Julie Powell’s book got me thinking which can be dangerous, my thinking that is.  My thought process can be like an overflowing river of information.  It swells and floods and becomes a big mess.  I have had many friends suggest that I should write a book.  I am not sure why, but that is what they have said.  What could I write about?  Certainly not about my life.  My childhood is a jumbled mess.  I could never sit down and compile my thoughts of everything that I went through; let alone expose myself to the public.  If I cannot write about my childhood, then perhaps my adult life.  I do have strange things that happen to me regularly, often involving other people.  But no, I cannot write about those things either.  They are too hard to explain, even to my husband.  Anyhow,  I don’t want anyone thinking I am weirder than I already appear to be.  What has constantly affected my life, though, in different ways?  MUSIC!  As I thought about this more, it all made sense.  Yes, my life with music and the people I shared those experiences with!  I could tell about all of my musical interests and the people I bonded with through those interests, and the mutual influences we had on each other.  What makes this even more interesting is that some of those people have come back into my life over 20 years later.  Those stories might be interesting as well.  For some reason, music has always been important to me. Maybe it could be an interesting blog.  If it isn’t widely read, at least I could say that I have it all documented.  

Now, what would the title be?  Should I give it a title first or should I just begin writing and the title will come to me later?  Would this be easy to compose?  Not with the way my brain is working right now.  Even as I type this, my mind is like a movie playing past events in fast forward.   If I’m going to do this and do it right, I need to make a list.  Ah, a list!  A list is a good place to start.

My Experiences with Music and the People Involved…



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7 responses to “A new blog?

  1. My best friends were made through mutual love and appreciation of music. Go for it!

    After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.
    Aldous Huxley, “Music at Night”

  2. S. Le

    That sounds like an über-cool idea!

    “Musical score by Tammy”
    “Music and lyrics by Tammy”
    “My life with music”
    “My orchestrated life”
    “My life with musical measure”
    “In harmony”
    “The Tesserae of the opera”

    Must I go on?

    DO IT! That would be unique and awesome.

  3. I say “GO FOR IT” Tammy! I would love to read about your musical experiences FO SHO! 🙂

    • Chad: I agree! Some of my best memories are with people I shared the same interest in music with.

      S. Le: Your titles are interesting. I like “My life with music” and “The Tesserae of the opera” is clever. I’m writing notes, but I hit a low last night and drew a blank. So much for spontaneity.

      Gary: Uh-Oh! The pressure is on to blog…I hope I don’t disappoint you. HA!

  4. I think you mentioned a hint of this new blog’s name in your question, “Would this be easy to compose?”



    or maybe …

    “Friendly Music”

    “Audible Footprints”

    “Soundtracking Life”


    “I Remember The Music When I Think About …”



    I’ll stop now.

    • S. Le

      I think “Soundtracking Life” is a brilliant name! As is, “Audible footsteps” though perhaps “Audiophile footsteps” might be more appropriate.

      In any case, we are all saying, GO FOR IT! I think…

      • planetross: Very good suggestions! Thanks! Will you be my creative consultant?
        I was thinking of a title like “planet tammy”, but was in fear of plagarizing. hee hee!
        I’ve already borrowed some of your friends here and an idea or two. Have you hired a lawyer yet?

        S. Le: Thanks so much for the suggestions, but I have to admit I have become overwhelmed with the thoughts of starting the new blog (it would be in addition to The Tesserae). The title itself is a challenge because I want it to say everything. This is a bigger undertaking than I originally thought. It first sounded like fun, but now it’s going to be a big project. I have to work hard at keeping it simple.

        Thanks everyone for the encouragement! The new blog is now a work in progress.

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