Home for sale, part 2

It seems our home selling adventure has taken a different turn.  We lost the contingency offer on the house we wanted.  Another buyer came along, made an offer, and the seller accepted it.  We could have given another offer or walked away.  We decided to not make another offer.  Shewww!  That was a close one.  Why? After watching a few episodes of House Hunters on HGTV (thanks to our new satellite service), I quickly started to regret the offer I had made on the other house.  It weighed on my mind, but there was nothing I could do except to wait it out and see what happened.  If it was meant to be, then we would be able to afford it.  Although we prequalified for the other home, I wasn’t comfortable with our offer and what we were getting into.   

As a result, we are free from the contingency contract.   We can look for other houses and hopefully be able to take our time.  There have been many prospective buyers for our house, but no offers yet.  Should someone make us an offer, then we will have to start narrowing down our choices.  

We have been down this road before when we had our house on the market about 5 years ago…and we ended up staying here.  If we cannot sell our house that will be fine because I really enjoy our backyard.  However, a bigger house would be very beneficial.

Here are a few photos of some other flowers I have growing.

cleome in full bloom

This is a cleome, also known as a spider flower. It is one of my favorite plants.  I do not recommend this flower as a cut flower because it has a strong musk fragrance.  The seeds are inside long, thin, green pods.  They are black and tiny, similar to poppy seeds but larger.  In the late summer, the pods open up and the seeds drop everywhere and reseed.  Small plants will sprout up and grow without any problems the following year.  This plant was about 6 inches tall a few weeks ago. 

close up of the cleome

A Kwanso or Kwanzo, the only known triploid day lily.

This is a kwanso or kwanzo lily.  It is the only known triploid day lily.  They came from my husband’s grandmother.



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2 responses to “Home for sale, part 2

  1. He who hesitates is lost/Look before you leap.

    If it didn’t feel right to you, then things probably unfolded favorably in the right direction for you and yours.

    (I’m still not sure about if that should be a “than” or a “then” up there … I will live)

    I’ve got something growing in my rocky garden that smells like curry, but it’s not a curry plant … I don’t even know if curry comes from a plant.
    I’m full of doubt tonight … I’ve got to get a grip and snap out of this indecisionism!

    • I am thankful things unfolded favorably in the right direction.
      (I think “then” was used correctly. You are safe.)

      About the curry smelling rock garden…I don’t think curry is a plant, but a combination of spices. In that case, you could have a combination of smelly plants in your rock garden.

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