Last week, my family and I went camping for a few days.  We like to camp and hike and do all of those other “outdoorsy” kind of things.  Yes, I can sleep in a tent as long as I am warm (if it is cold outside). I can also brush my teeth outside, cook over an open fire, and tolerate the bugs. 

I have some really sissy girlfriends. 


Here is a photo essay of our mini vacation of camping and hiking. (be sure to scroll over each picture)

The Mountain: Pilot Mountain State Park


The Campground:  Campsite #7



Hiking:  The Grindstone Trail- 2.0 miles, moderate. (Yeah right!)


another boulder

that's a long way down

 a view at the top

We liked this rock.

another view at the top

After a long walk back down to the bottom, we made it back just in time for this…


and this.

and dessert



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7 responses to “Camping

  1. Hiking and camping! I love those things! I used to do those things … I’m just lazy now … or saving up for more later.

    The salmon (it looks like salmon) looks yummy!

    I remember going to a campsite in San Diego. The choice of spots were: Wilderness or Forest. We chose the wilderness: it was a parking lot.
    The “forest” choice had grass and a tree and an outlet to plug in the motorhome.

    Myself and friend were pretty bummed out coming from a more real camping area: B.C. … Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

    … beer was cheaper, but weaker. (happy/sad face)

  2. S. Le

    Lovely photos but where is the King size bed? The room service? The luxury bath?

    The fish and marshmallows both look delicious as long as you didn’t mix them.

  3. Oh, I love camping!! Hiking, too.

    And, you tempt us with the sissy girlfriends bit, then no stories??? 😀

    • planetross: Do the Japanese enjoy camping?
      It is salmon and it was scrumptious. I made one of the best camping dinners that evening.
      San Diego has a campsite? I thought all they had was a zoo and a lot of debt. hee hee! I would have been bummed too with your choices.

      S. Le: King size bed? Room service? Luxury bath? I hope you don’t fall into the “sissy girlfriend” category.
      I will forgive you being as you work in a library. 🙂
      Oh, and we consumed the salmon and marshmallows at different times.

      Karen Joy: Regarding the “sissy girlfriend” bit…I defended myself to one friend who thought I was completely insane because I – 1. slept in a tent (I didn’t even redeem myself with the blow up mattress) 2. used a bath house (for goodness sake, everyone knows you wear flip flops in any public shower!), and 3. survived without a refrigerator.

      • S. Le

        Not a sissy! I love hiking and campfires. I also love my bath and comfy bed. I’m nearly a paradox!

  4. Ah! Those who live with paradox are the best! 🙂

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