Warts, fish and flowers

“Releasing the Eggnog Day” has come and gone, June is almost over, and the July 4th holiday weekend is right around the corner.  Our Independence Day is usually uneventful, but we usually take in a fireworks display in a nearby town.  In the south, it is normally very hot and humid on July 4th, and we are big wimps on being outdoors.  I always dread the summer heat and humidity.  July, August and September are my least favorite months in the year. 

I wonder how much longer I can stay with walking outside until I resort to using my treadmill.

Summer is really flying by and I am trying to make the most of it.  I have gotten accustomed to exercising at home.  Each day, I have three activities I choose to focus on, walking, lifting weights or Pilates.  I try to do at least one activity everyday.  Sometimes, I get to do two or even all three. 

Yesterday, I did not get to do any of them. 

My day consisted of running errands from 11:00 am until 4:30pm.  Here are a couple of interesting observations from yesterday that I thought I would share.

Wart removal: Covering the wart with duct tape works.  Actually, in my son’s case and his sweaty boy hands, the duct tape kept slipping off so we changed and used white bandage tape.  We did not follow the instructions exactly as the doctor said, mostly due to “sweaty boy hands.”  After about eight days of covering the area with tape, the wart peeled off.   We visited the dermatologist to confirm if the wart was completely gone.  The doctor applied beetle juice to the area to take care of anything that was left behind.  Now we wait.

Fish can be trained:  The fish in the pond at the dermatologist’s office could see my son and me.   A natural bank and an iron fence surrounded the pond, and we were about 15 feet away from the water’s edge.  As we walked along the fence, we looked at the turtles and noticed a large school of fish swim to the edge of the pond.  They swam over to where we were and then they all turned to face us.  I decided to test what they would do and so we walked a little further to our right.  Sure enough, the fish swam and followed us then turned again to face us when we stopped.  I had never seen fish in a pond do that.  We walked along the fence in the other direction and they followed us again. When we stopped, they stopped and would turn and face us. Too bad we did not have any bread to feed them.  Obviously, the fish recognized when people were nearby because they fed them.  We were not very close to the pond yet they could still see us.  I thought that was amazing. 

Below is a photo of some lilies and hydrangeas from my garden.  I like this arrangement because blue and orange are complimentary colors.  

I cannot let the summer go by without a mention of the flowers in my garden.




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5 responses to “Warts, fish and flowers

  1. Every carp in Japan knows when there is a possible feed headed in their direction. Fish are hungry for attention … or just hungry.

    Warts thwarted by Beetle Juice from the “blister beetle”? It just begs the question … can blisters be cured by Beetle Juice from the “wart beetle”?

    • planetross: I wonder if fish can be trained to sit or roll over.
      In addition to your question, can pimples be cured by beetle juice from the “pimple beetle”? Or would that be a “zit beetle”?
      Uh…I think we are on to something. hee-hee!

  2. S. Le

    Looking at your “tags” I thought it said “walking fish.” Now THAT would be something!

    Your flowers are really lovely.

  3. From experience, do ANYTHING you can do to avoid the treadmill. That thing is filled with curses and anchovies and probably maggots. Not joking, part of my soul goes missing after 30 minutes on that thing.

    • S. Le: Thanks for the compliments on the flowers. The lilies have finished blooming, but the hydrangea are still going strong.
      Walking fish? Sounds like something from Dr. Seuss. Or is that talking fish?

      todaysnewsart: I have been spoiled by the great outdoors. I will only use the treadmill in an emergency. It is the most boring piece of equipment on earth.

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