We have a tradition around my house that takes place on June 25.  I can’t recall how long we have been participating in this unusual observance, but it has been for several years. 

My husband loves Christmas.  He loves Christmas so much that he celebrates it six months into the year on June 25 with the an observance that he calls “releasing the eggnog.”  It is silly, I know, but how many people actually do this anyway?  I have heard of Christmas in July festivals, but I’ve never met nor heard of anyone who thaws frozen eggnog and drinks it to celebrate Christmas half way through the year.  Perhaps it is just an excuse to drink eggnog in June. 

The tradition begins every Christmas season when my husband purchases an extra quart of commercial eggnog and freezes it in the freezer downstairs in our basement.  A few days before June 25, he announces that it’s almost time to release the eggnog.  Oh joy!  When our son was younger, he would say, “Release the aggnob.”  Yesterday, he brought the quart of eggnog upstairs so it could thaw in our refrigerator. 


So here you have it…a peek into just one of the quirky things we do in my home.  Releasing the aggnob!

Happy Releasing the Eggnog Day!



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4 responses to “Traditions

  1. That is one tradition I could get in to.
    Happy Releasing the Eggnog Day to you too!

  2. S. Le

    Fantastic idea! Do you also put a bit of rum in it?

    Hint: Drink too much eggnog and you will need those exercise books after all.

  3. S. Le: No alcohol here. I like eggnog, but only drink about a a cup a year, a half a cup in December and a half cup in June.
    My life is full of moderation. 🙂

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