A few subjects


While at the library today, I loaded up on a few subjects that I have recently become interested in.  Julia Child and Pilates.

This morning,  I caught up on some blog posts and was intrigued by some comments about Julia Child’s book My Life in France from Epicurienne’s blog.  I always enjoyed anything with Julia Child, especially when she and Jacques Pépin would cook together.   With that being said, how can I read about Julia Child and not check out one or two of her cookbooks?   And how can I read about Julia Child and not get at least one book by Martha/MSO? Yes, the truth is out.  I am a fan of Martha Stewart.   I enjoyed her pre-prison television series, Martha Stewart Living,  but I do not like her post-prison television show, The Martha Stewart Show.  The post-prison show has a live audience and celebrity guests.  Everybody does that.  I liked her and her show much better when it was shot on location from Turkey Hill.  It made me want to move to Connecticut.  I can deal with the scandal with the sale of her shares and her brief imprisonment, but I cannot handle Martha turning into Rachel Ray.  The format and production of  Everyday Food is as close as it gets to a “pre-prison Martha” show.  The Everyday Food  show is clean, detailed, and precise.  It is very graceful and calming to watch.  

For the next few weeks, I will be reading about Julia’s life and her cooking.  I also plan to read and educate myself more about Pilates.  Pilates is my current fitness obsession.  I absolutely love it!  The Pilates books are by two recognizable women in fitness, Denise Austin and Mari Winsor.  I also checked out the Pilates Workout for Dummies DVD, which I have seen before.   The DVD gives excellent instructions, but I find the instructor a little annoying.  That’s just me though. 

Whether or not I will experiment with any recipes is TBD, but I will be working on hip circles and kneeling side kicks.



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6 responses to “A few subjects

  1. S. Le

    Mixing recipe books and exercise books may cause an impolsion and you will end up with NO BOOKS! Stop now before it’s too late. Seperate the books into 2 piles. Better yet, get rid of the exercise books and bake me something nice.

  2. S. Le: I know, I strange combination. I finished the Pilates books and I have glanced over the cookbooks. Too many leeks in the recipes. I haven’t made anything yet. Do burgers on the grill count? lol

    Oh, I did make a dump cake, but I already had that recipe. Have you ever made a dump cake?

    • S. Le

      Leaking recipes sound v messy.

      The dump cake sounds awful.

      You need new recipes!

      You say you finished the Pilates books. Did you master them? Eat them? Read them?

      • S. Le: Oh my! I cannot let you think a dump cake is awful! Here is a recipe link, and it is good if you like all the ingredients. I modify it and only use 1/2 stick of butter, no nuts, and no ice cream or other topping. I think it is rich enough by itself. Also, I only bake it for 30 minutes or so until it is bubbly and the top starts to brown.

        I read the Pilates books, but have not mastered them.

  3. I saw “Pilates of the Caribbean” or was it “Pilates of the Curried Beans” … I forget.

  4. planetross: I have that DVD, Pilates of the Caribbean! Well, the ladies do pilates in the caribbean at some fancy resort. Is that what you’re talking about? heehee!

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