What is important

Susie and I

This is Susie, my old college friend.  I wrote about her here on my blog back in October.  She recently came back to North Carolina to visit after living in South Korea where she was employed as an ESL Teacher.  Since her return at the end of May, she has been busy visiting many people throughout the eastern part of North Carolina.  Recently, I drove to a nearby town where she was visiting another college friend and I was able to spend the day with her.  She always brings home interesting gifts for her friends and family.  Magnets, stickers, and bookmarks from her visits to China and Japan and cute South Korean socks with weird little characters.   One of the items she gave to me was a tea bag of chrysanthemum tea. Yum!  I still have the tube of pine flavored toothpaste she gave to me when she was last here.  I haven’t used any of the toothpaste yet because I am not so sure about anything that is pine flavored.  During my visit with her, we went to Target so she could buy things that she couldn’t buy in South Korea.  Later that evening, she and the other college friend and I went out for dinner to a very nice Indian Cuisine restaurant. 

Saffron bw1
Our table at the Indian restaurant

At present, Susie is on her way to Ottawa, Ontario in Canada to visit with more friends for a few weeks and then her next stop is Ecuador.  She plans to return to South Korea to teach in the fall. 

A brief history:  My memory fails me a little, but I think it was the summer of 1991.  It was my first day of working a summer job at the college library on  campus.  The air conditioner in the library had gone haywire and many of the books had become moldy.  The students who worked in the library would roll cart after cart of books outside to lay out in the sun to dry out.  That is where I remember meeting Susie and her long red hair.  She was outside with a cart of books, kneeling on the ground and laying them out in the sun. 

We became friends while we worked at the library that summer.  She lived off campus and I spent a lot of time hanging out with her at her house.  She didn’t have a car, and I would take her grocery shopping.  In return, I’d ask her to make lentils and rice for me; a native dish from Ecuador that she learned to make when she lived there.  I learned a lot about her during those years visiting her at her house.  Our friendship was formed off campus as I didn’t see her on campus except at the library. 

During our friendship, there have been long gaps when we didn’t hear from each other, but somehow we would always reconnect and catch up on what we had been doing.  We have been able to keep in touch steadily for the past two years now. 

I just thought I’d write a post about her.  She is the closest thing I have to a sister.  I don’t have any siblings and it is just nice to stay connected with someone who feels like family.  Sometimes, friends are better than family anyway. 

All the other stuff I have going on just doesn’t seem as important right now.  




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3 responses to “What is important

  1. This was pretty touching–and some might call me a hardass. I liked it, and the black and white pictures too. The way I look at it, when you are dying, you aren’t ever going to say “I wish I spent less time with the people I care about.”

  2. S. Le

    As they say, “You choose your friends, not your family.”

    • todaysnewsart: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you liked my post. You are right in that we should spend more time with people we care about.

      S. Le: Absolutely!

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