“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Peanuts bed sheet

Peanuts bed sheet

Instant happiness!  I found this sheet at a thrift store and grabbed it just as soon as I saw it.  I went to the thrift store to search for a dust ruffle for my son’s bed.  I needed another dust ruffle because the new quilt I bought for his bed did not match the current one.   These things are important, you know.

The copyright date on the sheet is 1971, the year I was born.  I am not sure if that is the age of the sheet or just the copyright for the drawings.  The sheet is in excellent condition.

I love the Peanuts!  I have always been a fan since childhood and collect anything that I find with Peanuts on it.  I just wish the sheet were a queen size rather than a twin. 

Maybe I can make an excuse to sleep in my son’s bed.



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9 responses to “Peanuts

  1. kendra

    too cool. I have sesame street ones from when i was little on the boys bed sometimes- being sooo OLD they are the ultimate soft-est-ness!!!! 😉 I still cannot go into a thrift store…the princess in me wont allow it…

  2. that, my friend, is a work of art. my brother had all the bedroom stuff. i also owned sesame street sheets and comforter. i still have the comforter, its about 30 years old.

    • Kendra: Sesame St. sheets sound cool. You know your boys secretly love them. lol
      You need to tame the princess and check out a thrift store, especially one that’s on a nice side of town. You never know what you’ll find. People through away the nicest stuff. Sometimes brand new!!

      krislinatin: I agree…it is a work of art. Perhaps I shouldn’t even put it on the bed.
      Your brother was lucky. I wish I could have had a bedroom decorated with Peanuts when I was a kid.
      That’s cool you still have that comforter!

  3. I had a Charlie Brown waste basket in my room for years! Good Grief!!

  4. SWEET! I used to have Peanut’s sheets similar to these when I was a kid. LOVED EM! 😀

    • planetross: Do you still have it? No? Oh good grief! What a waste! heehee!

      Gary: So many people I know had Peanut’s sheets! I just remember having mustard yellow striped sheets. I was deprived as a child.

  5. I love the Peanuts gang except for Lucy, I never liked her attitude. There was a girl in our neighbourhood who was just like her & I never liked her either, she was so bossy & mean to everyone. Lucy was like the Peanuts version of Miss Piggy whom I never liked either. I love Snoopy, I even have a Snoopy tattoo.

  6. Tony: Lucy’s antics are funny, but she is mean spirited and bossy and I don’t like that either. Snoopy is my all time fav.

    That is cool you have a Snoopy tattoo!

  7. I had those same sheets! My mom still puts them on my son’s bed when we come to visit! I noticed they are pretty threadbare though.

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