Rescued fawn

Something exciting happened today.  My dad rescued a fawn!  He was on his way home from visiting me, and he saw a doe lying in the ditch with the little fawn stumbling nearby.  Seeing that the mother was dead, he was concerned that the fawn could not survive on its own and he carried it home.  He called the Veterinarian to ask for advice on how to care for it until he could get it into the hands of someone from wildlife management.  Before he met with the wildlife officer, he called me and asked if we wanted to see it.  Absolutely!  With camera in hand, my son and I drove to his house, but I didn’t tell him what we were going to go see.   I just told him that grandpa has a surprise for us.  What a sweet surprise it was!  It was one of the cutest creatures I have ever seen.

We named him Bambi, of course. 

IMG_4387    IMG_4401

IMG_4410      IMG_4414

IMG_4418      IMG_4419

IMG_4420      IMG_4421



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5 responses to “Rescued fawn

  1. That fawn is pretty small; … and pretty lucky your father rescued it.

    • S. Le: Yes, he was very pretty.
      planetross: Yes, he was pretty small.

      He is slowly improving, and he has his own unit to stay in until he moves around more.

  2. We attempted a rescue a couple of years ago…the poor thing died in transit to the specialist. We did get an awesome photo of Abbey holding it in her lap though. Abbey was so sad afterward.

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