New and not-so-new additions

Oh, the excitement of receiving something for free!  Free is a good thing around my home.  I also have the privilege of producing my ceramic art for free.  All of these things I give thanks to a few gracious baby boomers. 
First, allow me to explain my in-laws.  They are wonderful people and very generous.  They are the classic baby boomers; approaching retirement, building their nest egg, their house is paid for…yada yada yada.  In 2002, they purchased a 52 inch Sony projection TV.  Now, my father in-law wanted the next best thing, the largest LCD screen he could buy.  He asked us if we wanted the Sony.  Who would not take a free 52 inch television?  Yes, it is ginormous, but they would have just donated it to Goodwill or somewhere.  We spent the weekend preparing for its arrival. 

Addition #1.

Sony TV

It isn’t new, but it is new for us.  You can see our sofa in the reflection.

Second, allow me to explain my ceramic art.  My degree is in ceramics.  I know, it was going to take me far.  I have only had a handful of opportunities that  have allowed me to use my degree.  Most of my art background has been used to teach art to children with the different homeschool co-ops I have been involved with.   It is not often that I make a ceramic piece, but it is one of the few things that I really enjoy.  Whether or not I am good is in the eye of the beholder.  I do get compliments; just don’t look at something I have made and ask, “What is it?”  GRRRR!! 

I have an aquaintance, another generous retired baby boomer, who has a ceramics studio.  He gave me a 50 pound bag of clay and said I could make things and he would fire them and I could use his glazes.  For now, my kitchen counter is my work space, but I will start my own ceramics studio when/if we ever move. (See Home for sale, part 1.)

I recently made two pieces.  Here is a photo in their bone dry stage.  Bone dry is when the clay is completely dry.  Next they are bisque fired.

ceramic pcs bone dry

These were very fragile and a couple things did not make it through the bisque firing.  A few weeks ago, I returned to the studio to apply the glazes not knowing the total outcome of what they would look like.  This is the down side to using someone’s studio.  I don’t have the time or liberty to experiment so I have to  make each piece of work count and hope for the best.  I think a couple of them turned out fairly well.

Addition #2.  

This is a brown glaze that when fired under the right conditions, it fires a completely golden color.  I think this was achieved in the glaze firing.  It is called Gilded Impressions.  

Front view

front view

left side view

left side view

right side view

right side view

Addition #3
The next piece has a softer look and is not as striking.  The two pieces were part of a triptych, but the other pieces broke.  I used these two pieces alone which seems to work.   The other disappointment was that the glaze didn’t “break” during firing.  The twig impressions were suppose to be outlined with a brown color that happens with this green glaze.  I don’t have a name for it yet.  Any suggestions? 

Green slabs

I am on day two of my summer break.  So far, I have managed to write a post in the afternoon in between doing my workout (at home).  I usually write my posts after midnight.
Not a bad way to start the summer.


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5 responses to “New and not-so-new additions

  1. I think my TV is 52 inches … in circumference.

    The bone dry stage is kind of like looking at cookie dough and imagining the finished cookie.

    The pieces look great.
    I don’t have any great name ideas for the last piece.

    I think I’m going through a bone dry phase at work and need to be fired … so I can become glazed and good looking.

    • planetross: Thanks for the compliments! You have a circle TV? Nothing surprises me in Japan.

      I can’t believe you don’t have a name to suggest? Keep thinking. 😉

      You don’t need glazing. Considering your location, you’d be better raku fired.

  2. S. Le

    The pieces are quite nice. No wonder I don’t have time to blog! I’m asleep by midnight!

  3. Wow a free Huuuge TV, I’d love a TV that big, one can but dream.
    Looking at the plain boring old non-glazed clay it’s amazing how beautiful they become after the finished process.

    • S. Le: Thanks for the compliments. BTW, sorry to read about your summer library schedule. I hope it doesn’t interfere with blogging. You might have to resort to some midnight blogs.

      Tony: Yes, it is a huuuge TV. It’s actually too big for me, but it was free.
      Glazing is an exciting part of ceramics. It’s always a surprise to see the finished piece.

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