Home for sale, part 1

Sunday, we had our first prospective buyer to look at our house.  Our Realtor called me right after church was over to tell me that someone wanted to look at the house at 7:30pm.  I thought it was odd because just this morning I wondered if someone would want to look at our house on a Sunday.  Sure enough, someone did!

After we came home, I was in full home staging mode.  Our house is small by American standards, but gigantic by Korean standards.  We have a main floor and a full size basement.  The main floor was fine overall and didn’t need much straightening.  There were only a few minor things to put away and a couple of closets to declutter.  There were also trival things to do that for some reason matter to the potential home buyer like removing the refridgerator magnets and setting out plates on the dining room table.  The garage part of the basement is another story. It was an absolute mess!  My husband calls it the “man cave”.  It’s a cave alright, a cave for anything he can bring home.  If I had been smart about it, I would have told him sooner that we were showing the house because he cleaned up the garage in no time at all.  I suppose we all need some kind of motivation.  Speaking of motivation or the lack of…

This is Polly.  We call her Fatty because she is fat.

This is Polly.  We call her Fatty because she is fat.

She does this very well.


It was 7:16pm, and we were rushing to get out of the house.  I covered Moe so he wouldn’t be a distraction, and we rang the door bell to scare the cats so they would go into hiding in the basement.

This is our other cat, Gary.  He is fascinated with Moe. 

 Gary's usual spot

Then, with our dog, we loaded into the van.  Right as we were leaving, the Realtor for the buyers showed up and we knew the buyers weren’t far behind her.   We went to a nearby park and I made a comment to my husband that I would hate to not be close to the park anymore.  My son chimed in and said that we will still be close, but not as close.   As it started to rain, I wondered if the people at our house had a chance to look around outside.

This is our dog, Bodie, pronouced “bow-dee”.  We named him after the Bodie Island Lighthouse  on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  The locals there pronouce Bodie like “body”.


At 8:15pm, we drove by our house and the people were still there.  A good sign?  I don’t know, but we thought it was.  We decided to go to Krispy Kreme and we bought 3 doughnuts.  After eating the doughnuts we got thirsty and we stopped at Dairi-O, a locally owned restaurant, to get 3 cups of water  My husband didn’t think they’d let me have just 3 cups of water without buying something else.  There were tons of people there buying hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream; I told him that if they don’t give me 3 cups of water with the amount of business they do, then I’ll never go there again.  I paid 11 cents for 3 cups of ice water.  I like their ice because it’s the pellet kind which is great for eating.

At 8:30, we headed back to our house and the Realtor drove passed us at the traffic light and so we knew they were finished.  Perfect timing.  I was a little excited because the buyers stayed longer than we thought they would.  We are curious as to what was discussed.  I’m sure I’ll hear from our Realtor soon.  Maybe with an offer…maybe not. 

To be continued…



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9 responses to “Home for sale, part 1

  1. S. Le

    We did similar stuff when we moved. The first showing we had 3 offers, and accepted the one who was pre-approved with cash in hand. It was brilliant! Hope it goes well and quickly for you as well.

  2. Good luck with the house business.

    11 cents for 3 cups of water!!! That doesn’t compute … unless I’m in grade 8 math class and there are fractions involved.
    Are you sure they are not called Dairi-.0? hee hee!

  3. Good luck selling your house! Just think, if these people buy your house you will never have to clean it again. 😉

    I had to chuckle twice while reading your post. First was when I saw your cat and I share the same name. LOL

    The second time was when I saw your dog. We have a puggle (Pug and Beagle mix) named Brody. 😀

    We also have a home with a main floor and a full basement. WEIRD!! LOL

    • S. Le:We hope it is quick too. The chances of getting an offer from them looks unlikely. 😦

      planetross:Thanks and sorry for the confusion. The guy let me have three cups of water for the price of one. I guess I just paid for the cup. Bottled water was $1.25, so I saved $3.64.

      Gary: Thanks and from the news today there will be more cleaning and staging for the next prospect.
      My son named his cat Gary in honor of Gary the snail from SpongeBob Square Pants. LOL
      Brody…Bodie…cool! I like the name puggle, but like Beagle more. 🙂 Beagles are my fav breed. I have a weakness for Beagle pups.

  4. Hope the house sale goes well. Your pets are all cute & Polly/Fatty looks just like the cat my parents had. Dixie had her 1st cat experience on the weekend but I didn’t have my phone/cam with me to capture the moment.

  5. Tony: Thanks for the wishes on our sale. Your poor parents. They had a Fatty, too?
    Too bad we didn’t get to see Dixie’s kitty encounter.

  6. andykingcva

    How much for the cat? Does that collar work on the dog?

  7. Andy: Polly is “daddy’s girl” *gag*. Daniel couldn’t part with her. The collar works very well. It’s one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

  8. That’s $0.03666666666 cents per cup of water, what a bargain

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