Mother’s Day weekend

Friday, we decided to go out of town for the weekend.  We don’t usually have a free weekend, and this weekend was free so it was perfect timing to take a road trip to make some overdue visits. 

Being as we were going to be out of town on Sunday, I awoke Saturday morning with the mindset to enjoy my morning, “Mother’s Day” style.  First, I asked for my coffee in bed which was unusual.  Next,  I asked for my breakfast in bed which was even more unusual because I do not eat in my bed.  Then, I did something extremely unlike me which was watch TV…in the morning.  The Felicity DVD needed to be returned to Netflix and since I was being lazy, it was a good opportunity to finish it.   I am not sure if any of my readers have figured out that I am hooked on Felicity, and therefore, a hopeless romantic.  It’s pretty pathetic, but I can’t help it.  The episode I watched was the last episode of season 3.  It is the episode where Noel returned to the loft after his job in Seattle fell through and Felicity was staying at the loft “alone” for the summer.  They end up spending the entire summer together, platonic of course.  I have seen it all before, but watching it again just left me completely giddy. What a great way to start the weekend! *sigh*

After a few appointments Saturday morning, we headed to my in-laws who live in the eastern part of the state.  I thought of S. Le while I was there because my father in-law has this garden gnome on his porch.  I don’t think it’s as nice as S. Le’s gnomes.


Later Saturday, we stopped at a local store to pick up odds and ends, and I came across some cookies that made me think of Planetross.  They are made in Ontario, Canada and probably not a popular cookie but they were very good.  We ate some in the van and they filled the air with a wonderful maple syrup aroma.


These were very good cookies.

That evening, we visited my husband’s grandmother and he gave her a miniature replica of one of her barns he made for her.  He did a great job and she loved it.


Sunday, we spent the morning getting ready to travel to my brother in-law’s house.  My brother in-law’s wife had given birth to a baby girl four days ago.  We were anxious to see the new baby and my brother in-law as well.  He is in the Army and is being deployed in June to do a year tour in Afghanistan.   A few other family members where there and we ate lunch together at his house.   We all took turns holding the new baby, Sophia.  IMG_4305
After arriving home, we unpacked the van and then I jumped back in to head to the Y.  I had 45 minutes to workout before they closed.  I had to work off  the ham, macaroni and cheese, a giant piece of cake, and part of my husband’s candy bar.   When I returned, it was such a nice evening that I decided to take a walk.  I chatted with my neighbor who is concerned and slightly upset because we are possibly moving.  Oops!  Did I just say moving? 

We spent the evening by our firepit outside wondering if this would be our last Mother’s Day here…and if the previous spring was our last spring here…and if my previous birthday was my last birthday here…and if the previous Christmas was our last Christmas here…and the previous fall was our last fall here.   What if I don’t get to see the daffodils I planted bloom again next spring?  We will be taking our rocks.  I made sure it was in the contract. 🙂

I also wondered if we should dig up our dead buried cat in the woods and take her with us.  I told my husband that the Israelites took Joseph’s bones from Egypt to the Promised Land, but he said that was different. 

Oh well, I gave it a shot.



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8 responses to “Mother’s Day weekend

  1. S. Le

    I love that gnome! He is fab!

    Your husband is a good builder. Does he only do models?

    The Maple custard cremes look so delicious. I could eat the entire packet. (including the packet!)

    • S. Le: Thank you! My husband is a builder of many things, but prefers models.
      The cookies were some of the best I have had, and I’m not a big fan of cookies.
      I can’t wait to buy more.

      • S. Le

        Wait! What do you mean you aren’t a fan of cookies?!? I can’t live without them! And I thought you and I had a lot in common. The truth is revealed!

  2. It sounds like you and hubby had a good weekend! Good for you!!!

    The model is awesome and the cookies sound delish!! 😀

    • S. Le: OH MY GOODNESS! Did I say that? I love homemade cookies!! I am not a fan of store bought ones. I bought more Maple Leaf Cremes today. Have I redeemed myself?

      Gary: Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll pass along the kudos on the model to my husband.

  3. I know those cookies very well.
    Every Japanese person I know bring those back after a trip to Canada. No one ever brings back smoked salmon though. (sad face)
    I don`t think I ever ate any at home though: home was always homemade ones … except for some store bought peanut butter pirate cookies … that were like oreos, but not really.
    That`s a good looking barn and gnome …….. I thought of Barnes and Noble when I typed that up for some reason. I think one of them was attacked by a tiger in Las Vegas a few years back.

  4. planetross: Glad to know the cookies are familiar to you, unlike the maple syrup pie. I can compare your comment to people who go to the beach and buy salt water taffy.
    The barn was in my living room. I miss looking at it.
    Truth be told, the gnome was given to my father in-law as a joke for his birthday because he doesn’t like gnomes. He kept it anyway.
    When it comes to “big box” bookstores I prefer Borders Books, but the best places to shop for books and such are used bookstores. IMO
    That’s Roy you are thinking of who was attacked, not Noble. 🙂

  5. andykingcva

    Moving? What’s that about?

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