Rocks and a widow

I love rocks and rockhounding.  What is rockhounding?  From Wikipedia, rockhounding is the recreational collecting of rocks and/or mineral specimens from their natural environment.  I collect rocks from everywhere I visit.  If someone I know travels somewhere, I am famous for asking them to bring me back a rock, or two, or three. 
Below are a few examples of the rocks in my collection.

These rocks are from the chalk cliffs of Seaford in England.

These three rocks are from a mountain side along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains.

These rocks are from a mountain side along the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains.

This rock is from my middle school that I visited back in October. I like it because it looks like a potato.

This rock is from my middle school that I visited back in October. I like it because it looks like a potato.

While I was dating my husband, he went to Pennsylvania and I asked him to bring me back a rock. He brought back the biggest one he could find. I think he was trying to impress me. It is the large flat rock underneath the pot on the right. The white quartz rock on the left came from our hike I posted about in March. 
These rocks are from various parks and nature hikes.

These rocks are from various parks and nature hikes.

My garden beds are bordered with various rocks that I’ve collected.  Saturday’s project was to dig up and rearrange some hosta.  Here is an area that I dug out to transplant the hosta.
Among these rocks lives a little “lady”.  I knew she was there so I was careful when I removed the rocks.  I scooped her into a container for show and tell or at least to show my husband.
Here she is.  It's a black widow.
Here she is. It’s a black widow.

Originally, the two smaller hostas were on the right end of the bed and the three larger ones were on the left end.  I arranged them so that they alternate.  I am not sure why I didn’t plant them that way to begin with. 


Moving the hostas gave me an opportunity to rearrange my rock border.  All of the rocks came from somewhere significant, but I can’t remember where now.  The border looks much better.


I also pulled varigated vinca out from where it had grown into the lipstick strawberry groundcover.  That wasn’t as much fun.

varigated vinca (left) and lipstick strawberry groundcover (right)
varigated vinca (left) and lipstick strawberry groundcover (right)

This is what I did on Saturday while I listened to R.E.M.’s best album of all time, Life’s Rich Pageant.  IMHO.



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12 responses to “Rocks and a widow

  1. I love my rocks too…I keep mostly small ones though. If I can’t put it in my pocket, I begrudgingly leave it.

    mmmmm, Life’s Rich Pageant is my 2nd favorite. Reckoning barely beats it IMHO : )

    Check this site out Tammy:

    Abbey and I made Mother’s Day card today using the above technique; they turned out really cool.

    • Chad: What a nice surprise! Thanks for the comment and you are right. Reckoning was great, but so were all of their first 4 albums, especially those that Mitch Easter produced. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out for sure.

      If a rock doesn’t break your back trying to get it home…it isn’t worth it. But I’m not the one carrying it. Glad you think rocks rule.

  2. Sharon Davis

    I like rocks too. I have a couple of baskets of them around. The kids used to give me rocks whenever we would go hiking. I had to keep them!

    BTW, your plants look nice.

    • Sharon: Thanks for the comments. That’s nice that you think it’s special when your kids gave you rocks. I have done the same thing.

  3. Rockhounding! Looks and sounds like a pretty cool hobby. CHEAP too so you can’t be that! 😀

  4. S. Le

    Your garden is lovely. I hunt rocks in the farmer’s field behind our woods. They breach the surface after he ploughs. I use them around my flower beds as you do.

    The black widow spider freaked me out. Now I’m feeling all crawly!

    • Gary: It’s a cool hobby that both my husband and I enjoy. If we ever move we will definitely take our rocks with us. Is that weird? LOL.
      S.Le: Sorry to freak you out with the spider photo, but at least we both like rocks borders around our flower beds. 🙂

      • No, not weird at all! If I went to all the trouble and spent all that time hunting for rocks, I would take them with me too if I was to move. 😀

  5. That’s a pretty snazzy garden growin’.

    I don’t collect rocks, as my garden seems to grow them: every Spring brings a new crop of them for some reason.

    I’ve always wanted to hand out a rock to a kid in a Charlie Brown costume on halloween … I guess I’ll have to wait until Charlie Brown becomes retro cool.

    Varigated Vinca sounds like an X-Men villain. hee hee!

    • planetross: Thanks for the comments! I haven’t always collected rocks, but then I haven’t always gardened either. BUT I have always loved The Peanuts. Charlie Brown will always been cool to me.

      -signed Varigated Vinca
      (sounds more like a villainess, don’t you think?)


    I don’t really mind spiders, but then again, the worst we have to deal with is a brown recluse. A bite from him will just paralyze you for a while as opposed to kill you.

    The garden looks great! I’ve just picked up a bunch of hosta today that I need to get in the ground this weekend.

    -Turkish Prawn

    • T.P.: Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I don’t really know which bite is worse. If I had my choice of the two evils, I’d pick the black widow because I might could get treated quickly. One is likely to loose tissue from a brown recluse bite. Yikes!

      Hope you got your hosta in the ground. 🙂

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