Around the world

As of Saturday, my son and I are world travelers!  Well, somewhat.  We attended an event that allowed us to visit fourteen countries in less than two hours.  It was the annual “Around the World Night”, an international event for homeschoolers in my area.  The countries represented were Belgium, Canada, China, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Scotland, Spain, Tanzania and the USA.  Some displays were put together by the students themselves.  You can pick those out from the ones the parents “helped” with. *wink*

This was our first year participating, and we chose the Dominican Republic as our country of focus.  We have some souvenirs from the D.R. and my sister in-law is Dominican.  It was a rather long project for me.  I researched the history of the country and the appropriate maps.  There was also other information to list like food, sports, and currency along with photographs.  Formatting and printing everything was tedious in itself.  Ian helped glue and tape all the items to the tri-fold board and we went over all of the specifics of the country.  He did an excellent job welcoming visitors to our country and explaining the different items on display, and about his dad’s trip to the D.R. a couple of years ago.

Each country had foods to sample; some were good and some I did not care for.  I really enjoyed Egypt’s ice cream flavored with rose water, but could not warm up to Israel’s matzo balls.  Germany played it safe with their Bavarian pretzel sticks, as well as Japan with their steamed white rice. However, Canada had a very tasty maple syrup pie.  Delectable!  I made fried plantains from ripened plantains that are sweet as compared to the green plantains.

Ian has already chosen the country for our focus at next year’s event…Denmark, of course.  That is the home of Legos!  Perhaps I could serve a Danish pastry.

Here is a photo essay of some of the countries that were represented at the event.Belgium




Canadian map
Canadian flag


Canadian maple syrup pie

Canadian maple syrup pie

Chinese items

Chinese items

Dominican items

Dominican items



Spanish items

Spanish items



Tanzania items
Tanzanian items


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4 responses to “Around the world

  1. Good to hear that Canada was highlight, eh!

    I haven’t heard about syrup pie before; sounds disgusting …ly sweet. yum!

    Denmark sound like a sure bet with the little mermaid, bicycles, lego, and cheese.
    It is the happiest place on Earth:

  2. planetross: I asked if the pie was an “authentic” Canadian dessert. I was told it was. There is no telling what Canadians think we eat here in the US.

    FYI, true southerners DO NOT put sugar in their grits. YUCK! We eat them with butter, salt and pepper.

    Denmark is so safe…I hear that moms can leave the babies in their stollers out on the sidewalk while they shop or dine.

  3. This looks like it would be a lot of fun. I’m a HUGE culture freak. I love to travel and learn about other countries and cultures.


  4. Gary, it was a fun event and my son still talks about what he learned from the different displays.

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