Making progress

Last night, I had a long conversation with the hubby.  When I have had just about all I can take…I just let it all out.  It will usually hit me all at once like a hot flash and then I go straight to him and say, “I need to talk to you.”  He’s very understanding and he even put the game on pause and hit the mute button so he could listen to me. 

I am just completely overwhelmed.  I have a little green calendar book that I would be lost without.  AND, there are my Post-it notes.  I would be lost without my Post-it notes!  I use my Post-it notes to write down all that I think of during the day to get done.  I plan and do way too much and then I pencil in more.  Daniel knows this all to well, but he knows that he just needs to let me vent, get it all off my chest, and then I am right back where I was before…still busy and I haven’t backed off of one thing.  There is really no resolution.  I have just determined that I’m completely overwhelmed with “myself“.  Eureka!

Just when I thought I could do no more; I got an email.  My YMCA sent me a progress report.  The subject line read, “Your FitLinxx Progress Report for March 2009 is ready.”  It seemed rather silly to read at first, but I suppose their intent is to encourage and so I gave it another look.  FitLinxx is the computer system that tracks my workout activity on the weights I lift on the machines and any cardio activity that I manually enter in.  Anything I do at home can be entered in as well.  I don’t workout as much as others, but at least I can say that I workout. 

Squeezing in my workouts are part of what stretches me thin during the week, and I definitely have to squeeze it in.  The visuals with the progress report puts a psychological spin on things.  Especially when I see how much weight in elephants I lifted in March.

I really love elephants!!


Tammy’s Progress Report for March 2009

(12 Workouts this month)



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5 responses to “Making progress

  1. S. Le

    The “mute” button is also called “The Girlfriend button” according to the Urban Dictionary. As in, “My girl wanted to talk so I hit the girlfriend button and listened to her.”

    Good on you for exercising! I’m still only considering it.

  2. A friend of mine has a little note book with ideas, song lyrics, financial stuff, and … in it. He lost one last year and I’m still hearing about it.

    I feel your pain.

    I haven’t lifted any African Elephants this month. (sad face)

    • S. Le: Ah…so the button has a name, huh? Interesting.
      Thanks for the kudos on exercising. I took a long time considering it as well.

      planetross: Sorry for your friend’s “loss”. It would be painful to lose my calendar, but I’m sure I’d get by because I have a memory like an elephant. 😉
      Writing it all down just helps.

  3. What’s up in the “Tessarae” zonal zone lately? 🙂
    (I can sneak a smiley face in here because I don’t think Pat Coakley looks in here … I’m banned from smiley face use supposedly)

    planetross: What day is it? I’ve been slammed…I missed my “weekly” blog, I think. I have some posts “in progress”. Maybe I’ll go ahead and post about my new sofa that I don’t get to sit on much.
    Leave as many smiley faces as you like. 🙂 Pat Coakley is single for a reason…heehee.

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