A bed story

A true story that happened around the time of the 1994 Winter Olympics held in Lillehammer, Norway.

Photo from here

odd-bed.jpg odd bed image by themasudi

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who shared an apartment with her boyfriend *shame*.  They were engaged to be married which made it all right.  Right?  Well, sort of.  Anyway, the boyfriend was somewhat of a coward, and he really did not want to marry her, but he did not have the nerve to tell her.  He led her into thinking they were going to one day be married…until one fateful night.

That fateful night, she left the department store where she worked and walked to her car as usual, but something unusual waited for her.  There on the windshield was a big brown envelope with a letter inside.  To paraphrase the letter, it said…Dear Tammy,  I have moved out of the apartment…don’t try to find me…no one knows where I have moved to…blah, blah, blah.  Needless to say, Tammy was not in a good mood after reading the letter.  In fact, she was a little hysterical.  She drove around until she found a pay phone, but she did not know who to call.  She decided to call her boyfriend’s parents (who lived in another state) to tell them what had happened.  They were completely shocked and dismayed at what their son had done.  They told Tammy they would help her in any way she needed them.  Wow, I guess they really liked her!

Unfortunately, Tammy had no place to move to.  The apartment was in the boyfriend’s name; she had to move out, but she needed to remain close to her job.  The boyfriend’s grandparents heard what had happened and were so upset with what their grandson had done.  They told Tammy that she could live with them until she found an apartment.   Wow, I guess they really liked Tammy as well!  As one can imagine, it was rather awkward when the boyfriend visited his grandparents while Tammy lived there. 

Alas, Tammy found an apartment!  She had everything except a bed to lay her head.  She did not have much money, and was afraid to ask her dad for another “allowance”.  She was in a pickle.  Then, one day the boyfriend’s step-mother offered to buy her a bed!  Wow, that was nice!  She must have really liked Tammy.  To add to such generosity, the boyfriend’s grandfather drove Tammy to the furniture store to purchase the bed and pick it up in his truck.  Wow, they were such nice people!

Now, the boyfriend should not get such a bad rap because he eventually apologized for his abandonment.   He helped Tammy move her things into her apartment, AND he even helped assemble the bed that his step-mom bought for her. *awwwww*

Fast forward 15 years later and Tammy still sleeps in this bed.  On April 11, a new bed will be delivered and will replace the old one.  Yay!  Tammy cannot explain why the old bed was never replaced before now.  Maybe it has something to do with her being a little frugal.  Over the years, many things have been added to the bed to make it more comfortable, but they never fixed the problem.  Tammy’s husband has always hated the old bed and is happy they are finally getting a new one.  

A bed purchased by a woman with a generous heart… for her step-son’s girlfriend…because he dumped her.

Tammy doesn’t know many people with this kind of bed story.



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4 responses to “A bed story

  1. Congrats on the new bed … when it arrives.
    It’s a bit of a strange bedtime story, so I don’t really have a comment on this one.

    Hey! I’ve used that photo before!

  2. planetross: I thought for sure you’d find some wordplay to use in your comment. Either my story is too strange or you are still getting back into the swing of things. hee hee

    That’s cool I used the same photo! I didn’t know you had used it before.

  3. Sorry for no wordplay … beds make me sore. hee hee!
    Yes! way back in the August of ’08 I misappropriated that photo from somewhere:

  4. PR: Much better. I will accept “bed ___ ___sore”.
    Thanks for the link. I didn’t want to go rummaging through your blog to find it.

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