Spring hiking

Earlier this week, my family and I went hiking behind our house.  I rarely join them when they venture off on the land adjacent to our property.  Ian was excited that I was going with them.  “Mom,” he said, “you’ve got to see the rocks!”  We headed off leaving Bodie behind.  He was restricted to the boundaries of his invisible pet fence.  It was for his own good; he is just too old now to make the journey.

As we hiked along, I took photographs and reveled in the sights and sounds of nature.  We followed the deer trails to find our way through the tangled vines and briars.  We listened to the rushing water of the creek and its tiny waterfalls.  By the creek, we identified the animal tracks of those that had stopped by for a drink.   We heard the Spring Peepers singing from a shallow pool.  In the faint distance, we could still hear our Beagle yelping after us.  Bodie was sad because we had left him at home. 

A little insight…I absolutely love nature and the outdoors, and I am a conservationist at heart.  It is always a treat when things that I enjoy connect with other areas of my life; especially with homeschooling.   Being a home educator, I like to buy and collect various used books.  Years ago, a homeschooling friend gave me some of her old books and resource materials.  Among them was a copy of The Adventures of Whitefoot the Woodmouse by Thornton W. Burgess.  The day after our hike, I selected that book from the shelf for Ian to begin reading.  How fascinating it was to research and find that Thornton W. Burgess was a naturalist and conservationist!  For 50 years, he wrote many stories about nature and conservation.  A non-profit educational organization, The Thornton W. Burgess Society, was founded in his honor in his home town of Sandwich, Massachusetts.  How fitting it was to ‘randomly’ select that book from the shelf  after spending a great day with nature!  


I don’t think so. 

Here are some sights from our hike.



Another view of the twisted tree.







I finally got to see “ the rocks”.



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4 responses to “Spring hiking

  1. It’s always nice to take a wander through the woods. Great pics.
    I was going to say “it must be nice to live so close to some nice woods”; but then I realized that I could be lost hopelessly in a forest about a mile from where I live.

    note to self: get lost in forest next weekend.

  2. planetross: take a pocket full of small pebbles (not breadcrumbs) when you go, and don’t approach any gingerbread houses occupied by old women.

  3. S. Le

    Lovely photos. I was intrigued by the twisty tree and like the lichens. Wandering around the wilds is one of my fave things to do as well.

  4. S. Le: Thanks! It’s a mystery how the ‘twisty tree’ got that way, and the fact that it took years is amazing. Lichens are interesting too. I should wander in the wild more often than I do.

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