Untimely encouragement

A funny story from a long time ago.

Eleven years ago or so, my husband, Daniel, and I attended a church near where we use to live.  The church was small, about 50 members or so, but the worship style was formal and inspiring.  Overall, our time there was bittersweet.  Sweet, because for me as a new Christian, I experienced how awesome it is to worship and honor God.  I had purged all worldly things from my life and dove straight into getting close to and knowing Him.  The bitter part was experiencing what “well-meaning” people are capable of doing. 

Never put your confidence in people because they are people, and people will always disappoint you.

Daniel and I sang in the choir and we had become good friends with the pastor and his family.  The pastor, a 40 something hip sort of guy, (we thought so anyway) was taking a lot of heat from some families in the congregation.  I cannot remember the particulars of the squabble, but we jumped on the pastor’s side and stood behind him in the midst of the conflict. 

One Sunday morning, we and the other choir members, dressed in our robes, stood quietly as we waited for the pastor to arrive.  He always went first to formally lead us through the door to the sanctuary for worship.  Earlier that morning, Daniel and I had laughed hysterically at the Far Side cartoon that was on our desktop calendar. We thought it would be perfect to give to our pastor…since he was dealing with so much junk at the time.  Although we both had found God, we had not lost our sense of humor.  So, the pastor passed by us in line and Daniel held out the folded cartoon to give to him.  He opened it, looked at it, paused, looked at Daniel and me, then folded it up and put it in his pocket.  Without saying anything, he proceeded to the front to go into the sanctuary.  Doh!  Daniel and I looked at each other and immediately thought…maybe we should have waited until after the service to give it to him. 

I will always remember this story when I see this cartoon.  It is my favorite Far Side cartoon.  



Cartoon clip from here.



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8 responses to “Untimely encouragement

  1. glad to hear there’s still some humor in church

  2. S. Le

    ’tis a great one.

  3. Did it affect his sermon? Don’t leave us in a lurch!!!

    I think the cap probably came of the “jerks” shaker when the Earth was being seasoned. hee hee!

    • Davis: Thanks for stopping by. We take our humor with us…even to church.
      S. Le: Thanks.
      PR: Yes, the shaker cap definitely came off! Good one! I can’t remember if it affected the sermon, but we remained friends until we moved away.

  4. Soooooo…..
    What was the outcome?????
    Was he upset by it????????
    Were you both excommunicated????????
    I need to know…..

  5. Tony: I hate to have told a story, but couldn’t remember the outcome. He wasn’t upset, but was caught off guard. I think it was uneventful and just turned into an inside joke between us.

    No, we weren’t excommunicated. LOL!

  6. I love this, one of our churches core values i,s “Church should be fun,” keep it up!

  7. Pastor Doug: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. All chuches should be fun.

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