Unlikely friends

Friday night, I met a friend at a local restaurant for dessert.  She has been a very good friend for about five years now.  Our friendship is interesting to say the least.  We don’t have a lot in common, but we have a great time together.  Overall, I would consider her an unlikely friend.  Still yet, we have good conversations and enjoy each other’s company even though we are more different than we are alike.  

During our dessert, she asked me if I would consider going with her to an upcoming concert.  I jokingly replied, “Uh, I didn’t know Rick Springfield was touring.”  My friend, whom I will call Laura, is almost 43 and she said, “No, it’s a female singer and her initials are B.S.”  Now I am not up to date with any popular music. I’m still stuck in the mid and late 80’s and early 90’s alternative scene; the stuff I listened to in high school and college.  I had no idea who she was talking about.  I made a guess and said Barbara Steisand.  Laura looked at me with this grin as if I wouldn’t  believe her when she told me, and then she said, “It’s Britney Spears.”  I gasped and immediately starting laughing out loud and had to contain myself.  My first thought was…HA! She finally has nothing on me anymore with my blog and facebook.  I now have something on her as well; she is a BIG Britney Spears fan!  Laura told me that she has all her CD’s, her songs are on her iPod, and she works out to her music.  I teased her about how she was probably all wrapped up in her public escapades and wearing no underwear from a couple of years ago.  She went on to explain how she followed Britney’s emotional turmoil and how she wanted to write her and that she was misunderstood…blah, blah.   I couldn’t believe her heartfelt pity for Britney!  Never would I have thought that one of my friends would be a Britney Spears fan, but I cannot hold it against her.  Laura is fun to be around even if her taste in music and pop culture are totally different from mine.  I eventually confessed that there was no way  I would go to a Britney Spears concert. 

After leaving the restaurant, I suggested that we go to a book store and browse for awhile.  Going to a bookstore was way out of her league, but being a good friend, she agreed to go.  She browsed through the self improvement section and I browsed through the art books in the bargin section. I found a fabulous book about Michelangelo and bored her to tears going on and on about the details of his sculptures and the four page fold out of the Sistine Chapel.   I guess it was payback for me having to listen to her genuine concerns for Ms. Spears. 

In the case of making friends in my 30’s, I’m not as choosy as I use to be.  I guess being less shallow and more mature could have something to do with.  There are lots of factors that bring people together as friends.  Some of my truest friendships were made from unusual circumstances.  I have discovered that the most unlikely friends can actually be better friends than the ones who are more likely to be your friends.  

Growing up, I loved to watch Laverne and Shirley.  The two were opposites and the fictional friendship worked.  From my own experiences, I can see how two people who are completely different can be the best of friends. 


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3 responses to “Unlikely friends

  1. S. Le

    I’m friends with somebody at work. There are topics we just don’t talk about, like politics and religion. Otherwise, we got on famously!

    Brittany, sheesh!

  2. My best friend in Japan is probably someone I’d hang out with if I met him anywhere, but it’s probably not the same for him.
    We’ve grown on each other over the years I guess.

    • S. Le: I too will refrain from certain topics. I do well with conversations about cats.
      PR: You shouldn’t be hard on yourself…I could see how you could grow on somebody. 😉

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