Contrasts…7 days later

Exactly one week after our big snowfall, the daytime temperature reached 78 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today, I was outside in shorts and short sleeves uncovering blooming daffodils.  They aren’t the ones that I planted back in my Who I Am blog.   These daffodils are a few years old so they bloom a little early.  The recently planted bulbs are emerging, but it’s still too soon to tell.



With the spring like temperatures, comes spring cleaning, decluttering and packing up junk that isn’t used, read, or even looked at anymore.  I will just say that none of the “junk” is mine.   Why does a  person want to collect so many National Geographic magazines?  What is the disorder called for collecting boxes and boxes of books?  Hoardabookitis?  Are they bookhoarders? 

I know I shouldn’t complain about the clutter.  It could always be worse…like my hair cut!  I went to my hairstylist on Friday with this picture of Anne Hathaway. 

Photo from here.

She said, “Yeah, I can do that, but leave it a little long.”  NOT!!!  The lady obviously got scissor happy and it was surreal as I sat there watching her cut more and more.  Three inches later with lots of layers…I left looking nothing like Anne Hathaway!  Usually when this happens, I look for another hairstylist.  My hair hasn’t been this short in years.  I really hate it!  I may as well finish if off and get it cut like the Zyrtec girl.  

The trendy, oh so skinny, Zyrtec girl

I have secretly wanted a cut like the Zyrtec girl’s, but was afraid to go that short.  Now, I’m only a couple of inches a way from her hairstyle and I’m freaking out.  I think God was testing me by using my hairstylist.  

Needless to say, there have been many contrasts in the past week, but still no contrast in my calendar.  I’m still just as busy as ever. 

I hope I have an uneventful week and no one notices my hair.



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6 responses to “Contrasts…7 days later

  1. S. Le

    Lovely flowers! Mine should be along very soon if they haven’t drown!

    Go ahead and cut your hair like Zyrtec girl. It’s only hair and will grow out if you hate it!

  2. S. Le: I just don’t know if I can do it. *grimacing face*. I know it will grow. Hey…maybe I’ll just “pretend” it looks like the Zyrtec girl’s but a little longer.

    I hope your flowers haven’t drowned.

  3. kendra

    hey- i had my hair chopped too! I had Ope do it, so you can imagine the uneven-ness. I was dumbfounded when i saw the hunk on the floor in the basement! no one noticed at school though- isnt that wierd? love the flowers, i am sure your hair is adorable- you are the cutest! we are still coooolllld in chicago.

  4. Hair? I can’t comment.

    National Geographic magazines (journals for the serious) should never … ever … be thrown out under any circumstance.
    They are so yellow and informative: they make me smarter just having them around. That’s the N.G. secret: you don’t have to read them, they just have to be around.

  5. PR: The N.G. secret, huh? Then we all must be serious geniuses! You sure are full of “secrets” these days. LOL!

  6. S. Le

    My daffodils are up about 4″ and have not drown. Thanks for asking!

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