Fourteen years

Fourteen years ago, we were married after a six month courtship.  I wooed him with my charm and he impressed me with his Beavis and Butthead impersonations.  Little did I know that his “knack” for impersonating anything, especially cartoon characters and sounds, would later annoy me (only sometimes).  I return the annoyance with constant bickering to declutter.  But none the less, we obviously were made for each other.  He is funny and I like to laugh…so there you go.  Awwww…






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8 responses to “Fourteen years

  1. andykingcva

    That is a great picture. I hate I missed that. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Stephanie Webb King

    My goodness you are absolutely beautiful!!!!!!! I am really happy that you are so happy. I always have remembered you as such a kind, happy soul and you surely deserve all the best.Congratulations to you both!!!!!!God bless always!!!!!!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Great photo.

  4. Andy: Thanks, but don’t worry, we’ll make up for what we’ve both missed of each other…;-)

    Stephanie: Thanks for the comment and wishes. You were so much fun back in high school…lol. Glad to be back in touch with ya!

    PR: Thanks for the comment and wishes, too.

    P.S. I’m getting some PR “gear” soon.

  5. April MacMackin

    That’s a gorgeous picture! You look absolutely amazing! Happy Anniversary!

  6. April: Thanks for checking out my blog. I’ll catch up w/ ya on fb.

  7. Hope you have a memorable anniversary! Many , many, More! Nice picture! Nice blog! Have fun! *(*

  8. Doraz: Thanks for stopping by and the nice comments. I love your dog cup photo on your blog. Cute!!

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