Some people don’t like change.  I usually don’t mind change, but that’s debatable.  I can accept change from the cashier when I’m expecting some back, but I don’t like to carry much change.  It’s cumbersome.  I like to change my living room furniture around, and I like to change my sheets once a week.  But I don’t like to change the cat box.  I leave that to someone else because, frankly, I do everything else. 

With great anticipation, my situation is changing and I’m hoping it will be a good change.  I am returning to the work force.  Although I have stayed incredibly active with various things since 1999, I have not  obtained “real” gainful employment since my last “real” job in 1998.  Things will be changing around here with the way I currently do things and there are other changes that lie ahead such as:

Change #1: Wake up schedule . I’m not a morning person. I routinely hit the snooze at 7:00 a.m., then 7:05 a.m., fall back asleep, then get out of bed around 8:00 a.m…or a little after.  Writing that makes it appear worse than it is.  Actually, after reading it, it sounds very pathetic.  Perhaps having a job to wake up early for will be better for me.  I guess I will need an earlier bed time as well and that leads to…

Change #2: Bed Time.  My nightly schedule is in bed by 11:30 p.m. or midnight, and then asleep by 1:00, 1:30, or 2:00am.  It depends on a couple of factors; if Craig Ferguson was hilarious and I laughed too much to fall asleep,  or if I got caught up in a Felicity DVD (guilty pleasure). 

Change #3. Exercising.  Here is my quandary.  I have owned my own time for 10 years.  When I return to work, then I loose my freedom to do things my own way.  I will have to fit in exercising when time allows and this will drive me insane.  

Change #4.  Dinner.  Really, this is a touchy subject around here.  I just can’t think about how I’m going to plan dinner for the over eater and the picky eater.  My role in the kitchen is a perpetual short order cook.  Time to pull out the crock pot and if anyone complains…God help them!

Change #5.  Everything else.  I wear lots of hats around here which basically means, I do it all.  Especially when it comes to maintaining and sustaining all that is done inside the home.  Divine intervention will be required to help with everything else.

Change #6.  Blogging and social networking.  Hmmm…I will make this work…even if it’s the death of me!  Facebookers…hang in there!  I won’t leave you!!

After putting all of this into perspective, I’m a little overwhelmed.  What have I gotten myself into? 

I need some chocolate.



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7 responses to “Changes

  1. kendra

    tammy! it’ll be fine! it was for me! yes it is an adjustment, but hey if things dont get done for long enough- your hubby and son will pitch in- i never asked them to help- they just do! my bathrooms do get clean when my sons want some free time on thier xbox- i say yes, after this is done or that is done…plus being a sub- you may work 3 days one week and then none for 2 weeks….again it will be fine!!!

  2. S. Le

    You sound like a woman! Oh yeah…

  3. oh my goodness, i havent worked since 1998 either.
    but took on the roll of teacher this year.
    my hubby took on role of principal and the laundry.
    The dinner thing cracks me up, my hubby will call me on the way home from work to see what is for dinner. i guess cuz its the most exciting thing here at home 😉
    now days he is lucky to see dinner and a clean toilet.
    good luck and don’t be too hard on yourself, it will all fall into place….
    hey, e-mail me your name if you want to be facebook friends, or click on the FB link on my blog.

  4. Kendra! You are my role model. I will take your advice to anything.

    S.Le– I hope that’s a compliment…

    Krislinatin: Our similar situations are scary! It will fall alright…lol…I’m hoping into place. Otherwise, it will be cereal for dinner every night.

  5. Starting something new just means that you get to make fresh ruts. Things fall apart; things come together … I think I’m channeling the Talking Heads now!

    In no time at all the last 10 years will just be a dream someone you know told you about. (isn’t that a happy thought)

    Goodluck with the new job 🙂
    I’m sure it will all work out grand!

    note: S. Le. probably meant this as a compliment … as from latest reports she is a woman.

  6. PR: So I’m making fresh ruts? I guess that’s better than “same as it ever was”. 10 years is a long time to be in a dream.

    Thanks for the good luck. S.Le is unusual…I like “her”.

  7. S. Le

    Gosh! Thanks Tammy! It was indeed a compliment.

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