Weekend excursion

Recently, I joined 13 preteens and 5 other adults for a 3 day trip to Atlanta, Georgia.  It was an interesting experience that included a two day youth conference and seeing some sights outside of Atlanta and downtown.  I thought I would mention highlights from the trip with a photo essay.


1. I had my first encounter with a sleepwalker.  He tried to take apart the chair in the hotel room.  I never knew a sleepwalker could have a full conversation while sleepwalking.

2. I was “mom” to 3 preteen boys.  I now know that I can be happy with just one child.

3. My husband totally embarrasses me (this is not new).

4. My son said he would rather be weird than cool (this is ok with me).

5. There are many Korean communities north of Atlanta.  Most business signs were written in English and Korean.

6. I visited the largest church I had ever been to in my entire life!

7. An “F.O.” (frosted orange)  from the The Varsity is really good.


CIY Superstart Conference

                                             CIY Superstart Conference 
Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta

The olympic torch from the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta

The Olympic torch monument from the 1996 Summer Olympics


Cool building in the day

The building above lit up at night.

Cool building at night

The Varsity

The Varsity sign

Outside The Varsity

Outside The Varsity

Inside The Varsity

Inside The Varsity

Ian's jump into the pool

Ian's jump into the pool

A peach water tower in South Carolina

A peach water tower in South Carolina



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7 responses to “Weekend excursion

  1. Cool building in the day looks … cool!

    What’s that thing at the bottom of the “jump into the pool” photo? Is it just a reflection off the water?
    It looks like an octopus or something.

  2. PR: I don’t know what that is in the water, but I didn’t see it until you mentioned it. I might be a reflection or some other kid’s foot….or an octopus or something. hee hee

    Do you see the ellipticals in the weight room in the background? They have TV monitors on them. Now that was awesome!

  3. Kasha

    I am just now seeing this! Thanks for the pics.. I wish I had sent a camera with Jackson, but who KNOWS what he would have found important enough to photograph! Um… he wasn’t the sleepwalker, was he? He didn’t tell me about that if it was.. 🙂

  4. Wow a sleep walker taking apart a chair, that’s something you don’t see everyday. If you’re going to sleep walk you may as well do something people will remember

  5. S. Le

    Love the snaps of signs. I adore signage. At least I adore cool or vintage or funny signage. I especially like the cinema sign.

  6. Kasha: Jackson would have taken all of his pics in the van on the way down there…lol.

    Tony: Thanks for stopping by (again). I need to blogroll you so I can keep up with you. Hopefully you won’t disappear again.

    S. Le: Thanks for the comments. You’re right, the Varsity sign is cool.

  7. stephen

    I hate to break it to you but that is not the Olympic torch from the 1996 Summer Olympics, its just a sprint add left over from the Olympics.
    Stephen: Thanks for clarifying that it’s just a Sprint ad leftover from the Olympics. I didn’t think it was the original anyway. Just thought it was iconic from the Olympics having been held there.

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