Another year older

Today, I turn 38, which is the hardest thing for me to believe.  I’m still wondering what happened to 35 or even 30.  When I turned 36, that is when it all started getting away from me.  I couldn’t keep up with getting older anymore.  I stopped counting.  I don’t feel 38.  I don’t even feel 28.  I feel 20. 

So, here is my day so far.  This morning, the kitchen was decorated with some wire birthday garland, and my chair at the table was decorated with balloons and streamers which they referred to as the birthday throne.  There was also a homemade card was on the table.  That was nice, actually a little more than I expected.  We went to church and then to Wendy’s for my celebratory birthday taco salad.  There will be no birthday cake.  I always insist that I don’t want one.  After lunch, I checked facebook and there were many birthday wishes on there.  That was nice, too.  I sent out a thank you to everyone and a few emails.  I’m on a Felicity kick now, and after lunch I watched some clips on You Tube.  Next, I read the entire episode guide for all four seasons at Felicity .  It is MY day, right??  I can’t remember who I liked her with more, Noel or Ben.  I think it was Noel.  No, it was Ben…nah…it was Noel.  Later, I had a cup of coffee and ate some chocolate and pecans, and then I took a 20 minute nap.  From the comfort of the couch with my fat cat lying on me, I gave Daniel instructions on how to cook the chicken in the oven.  I’d like some sauteed cabbage to eat with it, but I don’t think anyone in my house will go for that.  I’ll have to cook that myself.  Not sure of what I will do next.  Maybe the laundry. 

I received a few monetary gifts.  Those are always nice.  Not sure what I’ll buy for myself, but I’m leaning towards some new shoes.  Keri Russell wore Converse Lo-Top Chuck Taylor All-Stars in Felicity.  I really think they look cool.  Funny thing is that I almost bought a pair a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t sure about it.  I mean, come on…a homeschooling mom in her late 30’s (omg…late 30’s!) wearing Chucks.  😕

A friend wrote this in her birthday card to me, “You’re only as old as you feel, or as old as you tell everybody you are.”


I wonder if they still have my shoe size.  

  Women's Shoes, CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star Dble Tongue Womens Shoes - Brown



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4 responses to “Another year older

  1. You told me when your birthday was … and I forgot about it 😦
    a belated Happy Birthday!
    38 in no big woop; don’t get all wooped up about it 🙂

    Sauteed cabbage? … to each their own I guess.

  2. Thanks for the belated wishes. I have gotten over feeling wooped at the moment. I think my ‘woopness’ is genetic. There are others in my family who lament over their age.
    Or maybe it’s a learned behavior.

    The cabbage was good. It tasted like the inside of an egg roll.

  3. kendra

    I like cabbage- no one in my family will eat though- next time we are together- WE WILL HAVE CABBAGE! 🙂

    I have black lowtop (fake) converse. I wear them to school when I have dress down days and always, always get compliments- my hubby actually bought them for me…go for it!!


  4. KJO – We can wear our lo-tops and eat cabbage. LOL! I’ll let you know when I get them.

    I bet yours look great with purple. 🙂

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