Meet Moe

Moe the dove.


This is Moe.  He is a white ringneck dove.  He was given to my son by a lady who raises doves.  He met her at a pet store and he impressed her so much with all that he knew about doves, that she gave him one of her male doves.  Doves are his favorite bird.   He loves to watch the mourning doves that visit our feeder and bird bath.  Our deck is a busy place for wild birds.

Our birthday gift to Ian was allowing him to have the dove. We were hoping to put it off for about three more years, but how can you say no to a free dove?  Moe is use to people as he was raised by the lady from a hatchling.  We let him out of his cage everyday to fly around the classroom.  The two cats are not around, of course.  

Moe on top of the world.

Moe on top of the world

In case you are wondering,  Moe pooped on the world.   Unfortunately, that is the down side for allowing him to get some exercise.  It isn’t a big deal because I’m notoriously clean, and it is just one more pet to clean up after. 

To answer your next question, yes, that is a homemade catapult on the left in the photograph.

Moe on top of the window

Moe on top of the window

Moe seems to prefer to perch here than anywhere else in the room.

Gary's usual spot

Gary's usual spot

Gary is hoping to ‘play sandwich’ with Moe.   The cage is attached to the bookshelf so if Gary makes an unsuspecting go for it, at least it won’t fall off.



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5 responses to “Meet Moe

  1. Moe the Dove! There is a joke in here somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it at present.
    Good looking dove … as far as doves go.

    Gary seems very patient.

    “He dove at the dove! He dove at the dove!” ahh that’s it!

  2. Kasha & kids

    Moe is beautiful!! I knew you got a bird from the “I’m listening to Moe” comment. Congrats on the new baby!

  3. Michele

    Wow – he’s pretty, and i am NOT a fan of birds!

  4. Ali

    Moe is beautiful. Congratulations on your new addition.

  5. planetross: Yes, he’s nice looking. Like your word play here. I knew you’d think of something clever.

    Kasha, Michele, and Ali: Thanks for stopping by and the compliments. Moe is great!

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