Benefit run/walk

The following is a short photo essay of the benefit run/walk I participated in over the weekend.  My husband and son went with me for support.  Before the race began, I got a nice revelation of how my husband and I are not alike.  I would have just said “no thank you” to all the s.w.a.g. (stuff we all get) from the vendors, but he brought home two bags of freebies.  The Zoloft calculator will come in handy, as well as my new water bottle.  I enjoyed a yummy cinnamon bagel with cream cheese (a little splurge) afterwards.  That was a highlight in addition to listening to the Cocteau Twins  during the race.  One of my favorites by them is Donimo.  It’s great to listen to…loud…and then at 2:23 minutes into the song, I start running.

At the starting line

At the starting line

Number 810

At the start, #810

the runners and walkers

the runners and walkers

This man juggled while he ran!

This man juggled the entire time he ran.

cooling down at the end

Cooling down at the end

My son and I at the finish

My son and I at the finish



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3 responses to “Benefit run/walk

  1. Kasha

    You rock… I could NOT do that! My friend Nicole ran the 13.1 mile thingy downtown this weekend… she could barely walk tonight at church! LoL

  2. “Those who don’t run must load up on the freebies”.
    I think it’s a law or something.

  3. kendra

    there you go! i am off shopping while you are being a good samaritan and healthy! go figure! awesome! I am proud of you!

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