Christmas cards

This is the first year I have made Christmas cards.  I’m not sure why I tackled it, but since I have spent so much time and energy on them, I decided to blog about it.  I even photographed the process.  I also scrapped the first twelve I made and started over because I didn’t like the plain background.  Funny thing is the whole time I made the cards, I thought about production art and Andy Warhola.  I like to say Warhola rather than Warhol.  Kind of like calling someone Samuel instead of Sammy.  I am still planning to see his exhibit in Charlotte, but it’s best if I wait until January.   December is just too hectic right now. 

The original card idea is from here.  The watercolor salt technique I used is from here.

Step 1.Gather supplies, white greeting cards, decorative papers, watercolors, brushes, sponge applicator, rubber cement, scissors, masking tape, waterbase sealer, salt, mill board, cardboard or other heavy board.

Step 2.Prepare a watercolor wash.  Tape card onto mill board and cover with watercolor.  Sprinkle salt onto wet paint.  Set aside to dry.

Step 1. Watercolor wash with salt applied.

Watercolor wash with salt applied.

Close up of watercolor salt technique after applied

Close up of watercolor salt technique after applied

Step 3.  After card has completely dried, gently rub salt off using a tissue.  Carefully remove tape. 

Example of watercolor salt technique after drying.

Example of watercolor salt technique after drying.

Stack of dried cards

Stack of dried cards

 Step 4.  Cut decorative papers into desired shapes. Glue onto card using rubber cement.  Rub off excess glue after it has dried.

Card and cut papers

Card and cut papers

Step 5.  Using a sponge applicator, apply a coat of waterbase sealer over the entire front of card. 

Cards ready for waterbase sealer

Cards ready for waterbase sealer

Step 6. Allow cards to completely dry.  If cards buckle or curl, place in a stack with a heavy book on top to press them flat.
Example of finished Christmas card


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5 responses to “Christmas cards

  1. I think the discovery of penicillin was easier!

    I am definitely a crayon person: no heavy book lifting required.

    The cards look good!

  2. I was explaining the process to a friend and by the fourth step she said, “That sounds complicated”. I didn’t realize that my card making sounds/looks complex, but it is fairly easy.

    Maybe I just have a habit of complicating things. LOL!

    Crayons are good.

  3. Michele

    Would that friend be me? =0) They are beautiful…i haven’t even thought about cards….

  4. kendra

    Tammy! these are awsome! Your creativity keeps on amazing me! I am sooo glad you are using your gifts (and your degree LOL!) Love it! I hope I get one in mail! Love, Kendra

  5. Kasha

    I think these are awesome! They are extra special. I stamped/colored/ sponged/ etc Xmas cards 3 years ago… 100 of them.. still have nightmares..

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