Late autumn happenings

Technically, autumn is not over.  I have to keep telling myself that.  Winter begins December 21.  In the mean time, I can take comfort in that it is still officially autumn.  With it being after Thanksgiving, though, it is time to get out the Christmas decorations.  I boxed up all of my beloved autumn things, and now I have to rearrange furniture to make way for the tree.  Not to mention any dusting and vacuuming that needs to be done.  Anytime I tackle something, I like to start with a clean slate. In this case, a clean living room.

I am a procrastinator.  To be so neat, organized and orderly, why do I put it all off?  Usually, I  spend the entire day dragging out my to do list and then two hours before bed, I scramble to get it all done.  Sounds like the term papers and art projects I did in college.  I made four Christmas cards with maybe 26 more to go.  I got the idea from here, and here is my version.  People ask me if I’m crafty, and I reluctantly say yes.  I just don’t like that word…’crafty’.  I’m always making things rather than buying them. I guess I shouldn’t take offense.  

Christmas is a big deal in my house.  December is a busy month all together.  I’m not sure how I will blog about it.  This week is going to be busy as I’m gearing up for a 5k benefit run/walk  Saturday, December 6.  I (was) one of the top fundraisers, but I don’t know exactly what that means.  It’s my first benefit run/walk, and I don’t know what to do except to show up, get my t-shirt and walk.   The walk itself is a piece of cake, but it’s getting there that will be an issue.  It’s been such a great year for me; I felt I needed to finish the year by doing something outside of my comfort zone.  December is all about doing things outside of your comfort zone.  Besides, it’s the cause behind the walk that motivates me. 

A few weeks ago on a routine trip to the library, I picked up a book called The Potter’s Eye by Mark Hewitt and Nancy Sweezy.  I love pottery and really miss working on the wheel.  I met Mark Hewitt  many years ago. He is a well known potter throughout the world.  His studio is in Pittsboro, North Carolina and I often get invitations to his kiln openings.  It just so happens that I will be in the area to attend his kiln opening on December 6.   To finally go to one is going to be a pilgrimage for me.  I hope to get some photographs.  It’s going to be awesome.  Hopefully, I’ll have a very interesting blog about the benefit walk and the visit to the pottery.



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2 responses to “Late autumn happenings

  1. Have fun with the benefit walk/run and enjoy the kiln opening!

    I always just buy Christmas cards … when I remember to send any at all. One of these years I’m going to make some. Your cards look very “crafty”! hee hee

  2. Thanks for commenting! I don’t always make Christmas cards. I can accept ‘crafty’ under these circumstances. (haha).

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