What’s it like to….?

I have homeschooled my son since he could attend preschool.  He is nine years old now and in fourth grade. I just never got around to calling a preschool to enroll him.  Besides, I’ve always been an independent type of person so I naturally lean towards anything I can do myself.  Teach him ABC’s, numbers, colors, and shapes?  Sure, I can do that.  Provide him socialization?  I can do that, too.  I have always enjoyed having him around and I have never been the type of mom to say, “I can’t wait until you go back to school.”  He likes being at home as much as possible; so homeschooling has been good for both of us.  We spend a lot of time together, but the down side to that is that he constantly asks questions.  I have to admit, it gets pretty exhausting.  He’s very talkative, and I guess I can’t say anything because most of my elementary reports cards said things like…Tammy talks to much, Tammy does not stay in her seat, and Tammy needs to practice self control

Some of the questions he asks are just bizarre, but he wants answers.  Most of my answers are always the same…”I don’t know, I’ve never had that happen to me, or I’ve never done that.”  Some are just plain ridiculous.  To understand what I mean, here are some examples.

“Mom, what’s it like to….

…have one arm?”

…have one leg?”

…have one eye?”

…have a gash in your side?”

…have pink eye?”

…have chicken pox?”

…have your fingers glued together?”

fall out of a tree?”

…break a bone?”

…sprain your ankle?”

…chip your tooth?”

…break your nose?”

…bang your finger with a hammer?”

…drop a weight on your foot?” 

Has he been sheltered or just fortunate?  Perhaps he has too much time on his hands or it could be that he reads too much Calvin and Hobbes.


Calvin and his mom.



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2 responses to “What’s it like to….?

  1. I think you should go on a field trip to the Emergency Ward of the local hospital. I’m sure he’d find the answers to some of these questions from the doctor or the people coming through the door.
    I can’t believe he hasn’t experienced any of the things on your list. I can count off 7 of those things as having been experienced on my unglued fingers.

    note: nice tags 🙂

  2. Oh, he has had plenty of “other” accidents, but no, he hasn’t experienced the things above.
    Counting 7 must mean you have at least 3 fingers glued…must be difficult typing.

    note: I’m going to try not to get carried away with the tags…it can become almost as addicting as blogging. 🙂

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