Autumn, part 1

Autumn is my favorite season.  With the palette of warm colors, what is there not to like.  I am partial to stories with the four seasons as part of the story line.  One children’s story in particular I enjoy is a book called Ox-Cart Man by Donald Hall, one of America’s most renowned poets. It is a story that tells of a farmer and his family in early 19th-Century New Hampshire.  They work together as a family throughout the year; making the things they need and things to sell.  My son read the book in third grade.  I used a study guide by Progeny Press, and it was very detailed and thorough which made the easy reader more interesting.  Two other books I recommend by Donald Hall are Lucy’s Summer and Old Home Day.  The illustrator of Old Home Day is Emily Arnold McCully.  Her watercolor illustrations in the book are beautiful.

I have been photographing a lot of the autumn scenery around my house.  The wind blows and the leaves come down and so it won’t be long before this season is at its end.  Winter will be here and then Christmas. Next are the cold months of January and February with spring around the corner.  Summer will drag along and seem as if it will never end, but then finally my favorite returns…autumn.




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3 responses to “Autumn, part 1

  1. mybloggerings

    Those are beautiful pictures. I love Autumn. It snowed here today. I should take out the camera and shoot some pictures…I have another blog for my school stuff. I don’t have much on it yet, but here is the address:

    I should switch it over to WordPress. WordPress is way better than blogger.

  2. Great photos.
    I never used to like all of the 4 seasons, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate the differences each brings.

  3. I think I’d go crazy if I didn’t have autumn to look forward to. Sadly, the leaves are past peak now and falling rapidly. I should upload a pic to show the contrast, but it’s too depressing. Too bad, it doesn’t last longer.

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