A book in the making. Part 3

Obviously, this topic is not over.  There are still a few more things going on with bookmaking and book writing, for that matter.  First, I made a book.  It isn’t fancy, but it is an example of one that was in the book from the library.  I had all the materials on hand and so I started last night and finished it this evening.  I used polyboard for the hard cover, rubber cement, cloth remnants, paper (of course), an awl to punch the holes, and ribbons for the binding and closure.

Book cover view

Front cover view


Inside view
Inside view

Next, I recently received an email about the 2008 Young Authors Contest.  It is sponsored by Piedmont Parent Magazine.  My son has entered this contest twice in the past, but didn’t win.  I will still encourage him to enter this year, although he only has three weeks to produce a story.  He is usually reluctant to take part in things, and can be the most disagreeable child.  In the end, he is always glad he participated…so we will see.

Updated 11/3/08: I made a second book. It’s very similar to the first one.

You can view photos of it here, here, and here



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2 responses to “A book in the making. Part 3

  1. mybloggerings

    Why not just buy one? LOL. Just kidding. I totally am not creative. I try to be, but I’m not. I scrapbook sometimes, but I’m not very good at it.

    Are you one of those people that sews and knits too? Ugh. I wish I could do any of that stuff. I’m only good at a few things and being “crafty” is not one of them. I could have been good at music…maybe, but my parents were too poor to afford me lessons. I have a guitar in my house I have yet to learn…someday!

    Good for you for making things. Maybe when I get to heaven, God will give me this gift.

  2. Tammy

    Buying one defeats the purpose for spending 3 hours making one…lol. I think it’s the challenge, or the “I can do that” thinking. That is how I started homeschooling. Scrapbooking is good.

    I can do just about anything “crafty” but sew and knit. I’m a fan of the no-sew iron on hemming tape. Needle and thread are for buttons.

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