A book in the making. Part 2

The phone call to the bookbinder took several days.  Some days I was apprehensive and other days I just plainly forgot.  My son, on the other hand, always reminded me to call to find out when we could go.  I finally called one evening and the conversation did not produce a warm welcome to his bindery, but it did lead to something else. 

He was a very nice gentleman and eager to help with ideas and he suggested that I start with books from the library.  We are regular visitors to our local library so that was not a problem, but it was the other things he said.  The man obviously thought of bookmaking as an art form.  He spoke enthusiastically about it and he gave me suggestions of places to take classes to learn more.  What impressed me were the two places he mentioned.  Any artist in this area of the country knows those two words very well.  They are Penland and Arrowmont.  These are arts and crafts schools for the serious artist; a place to totally immerse oneself in an art or craft for weeks at a time.   I first became aware of both places through my ceramics professor in college, whom I absolutely adored.  So naturally, all of my thoughts were on my old college professor when my conversation with the bookbinder ended. 

My son and I are left to fend for ourselves with our bookbindery endeavor, but that’s alright.  We like to be creative, and we’ll enjoy producing more handmade books. Perhaps we will even find techniques on how to stitch those pages together.

In the meantime, my thoughts are elsewhere…on my ceramics professor.

To be continued.



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2 responses to “A book in the making. Part 2

  1. Good luck and hopefully you will find yourself in a bind soon!

  2. Tammy

    haha! Thanks. Remember I said “to be continued”…so the “domino effect” is in full swing. I’m working on the continuing story…just need to add the photos.

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