A book in the making. Part 1

Children usually request to do something fun like attend a sporting event, festival, or other “fun” attraction.  My son wants to visit a bindery. Yes, I said a bindery…where books are made.  I have to admit, we have a lot of books, and I’ve always read to him so I share his fascination.  He also likes to write stories, illustrate, and make his own books.  But he is getting bored with the three whole punched paper and cardboard covers tied with yarn.  He wants to move on to the big stuff…leather hardback covers with an actual binder. He is curious with how the pages are stitched inside.  I’m actually curious, too.  There are just some things I don’t have an answer for. How do they stitch those pages?  

One day, he said, “Mom, if I can’t be a robotics engineer, I’d like to be a librarian.”  That’s a contrast in careers.  Librarians are “interesting” people.  I would know because I have worked with several. There is  something about the solemn atmosphere of a library…the organization and categorization of books and periodicals.   The card catalog that’s long gone now; and those poor file cards being used as scrap paper.  So, being a good homeschool mom, I’m going to indulge his curiosity by planning a visit to a bindery.  After doing a little internet searching, I found the name of a local man who has his own bookbinder business.  What are those odds?  I wonder how many calls he gets from homeschool moms asking to tour his facility.  Probably not many. 

This all leads me back to a book festival I attended about a month ago.  I met another mom, Kathy Speight, and she and her nine year old son co-authored a book about hurricane Katrina.  It’s called Imagine If…I Could Calm a Storm . We talked for a while about their book and the school service project that started the idea for the book.  She even gave me the book publisher’s name.  Interesting.  Is it all coming together?  My son likes to write stories and make books. I meet another mom who co-authored a book with her son, and I have a name of a publisher.  Now, we are pursuing a visit to a bindery. 



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