An interesting morning

I wasn’t expecting it to go as well as it did.  When I first arrived, I recognized someone that I knew which was a nice surprise, because I’m still new and don’t know the people very well.  She is someone that I’ve known for 5 years or so, and she told me she was excited to see my name on the list for teaching art.  I guess I have a reputation now.  I had some materials ready, but I had no idea what to expect.  The first day is always a time to get acquainted and learn their abilities.  I discovered that it’s going to be a test of my patience, because they are all young (ages 4-8), but at least their lessons will be easy.  To be so young, they were very prepared and had their sketch books opened and pencils in hand.  They looked like ducks in a row… I was very impressed.  I thought it would be safe to discuss color so we made a color wheel and mixed colors.  I had gathered some poplar and chestnut leaves earlier from outside to do the drawing lesson.


There was one little boy right next to me who really made my morning.  He was so funny, and I swear…he is 6 going on 10.  He was very independent and spoke well, like he’s been around adults mostly.  First, his color wheel was too large and he was taking a while to finish, so I encouraged him to make it smaller, but he insisted on coloring the larger one. Ok, so I left that alone.  Next, he was mesmerized by my pencil sharpener, and he insisted that all of his colored pencils needed sharpening, which they didn’t.  When I went to the other end of the table to help someone, I’d look over and see him sharpening his pencils.  Then, he interrupted me and said, “Excuse me, what is your favorite color?” I told him brown and so he took out a brown colored pencil and began drawing a picture.  When I helped him gather his papers at the end of class, he gave me his brown drawing and said, “Oh, this is for you.”  He explained it was a bunny. It’s a rather abstract bunny, but a can see the bunny. 


It was a good day.


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One response to “An interesting morning

  1. Tammy

    Originally posted by MICHELLE from Myspace on Thursday, September 11, 2008 at 12:13 PM

    When i read this it almost brought a tear to my eye. I swear Tammy when I have kids YOU will be the one to teach them, you can tell that you are a great influence keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
    Love ya

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